The UOSD REMS (Residence for Execution in Safety Measure) is a Simple Departmental Structure within the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Diseases, with the task of guaranteeing assistance to subjects with restriction of freedom (safety measure) for therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes, with a view to subsequent social reintegration into freedom.


The recipients of the UOSD REMS are patients sent by the Judicial Authority to carry out Therapeutic Programs for mental disorder in Safety Measure.

Services/Activities provided

The services provided by the UOSD REMS are as follows:

  • 24-hour assistance;
  • diagnostic evaluation, therapeutic plan (pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, ergotherapy);
  • social counselling;
  • nursing care;
  • psychosocial rehabilitation (pet therapy, laboratories, time management)

How to access

The UOSD REMS is accessed upon submission by the Judicial Authority.

Opening hours to the public

The opening hours to the public are scheduled with the authorization of the competent Judicial Authority, in established time slots.

UOSD REMS Services Charter


UOSD REMS (Residence for Execution in Security Measure)

  • Manager: Dr Giovanni Maria D’Avossa
  • Ceccano office:
    • Address: Borgo Santa Lucia, 32 – 03023 Ceccano
    • Phone: 0775.6262849
    • Email: rems.ceccano @aslfrosinone.it
  • Pontecorvo office:
    • Address: Via San Giovanni Battista – 03037 Pontecorvo
    • Telephone: 0776.7692978
    • Email: rems.pontecorvo @aslfrosinone.it

Last Updated: 19/07/2023

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