Otorino UOC

The UOC of Otorhinolaryngology is a complex structure within the hospital of Cassino. It is the branch of medicine that deals with prevention, diagnosis and both medical and surgical therapy of diseases of the head-neck district, i.e. of the ear (hearing and balance), nose (breathing and sleep apnea) and throat (voice and swallowing).

Services/Activities provided

The Services/Activities provided by the UOC Otorhinolaryngology of the PO of Cassino are the following:

  • surgical activity (oncological neck surgery, middle ear surgery, endoscopic surgery of the paranasal sinuses, salivary gland surgery, thyroid surgery, sleep disorders surgery, dermatological surgery of the head-neck district);
  • outpatient activities;
  • audio impedance;
  • vestibology;
  • fibrolaryngoscopy


The recipients of the UOC Otorhinolaryngology of the PO of Cassino are patients with head-neck and auditory diseases, also from neighboring regions such as Campania, Abruzzo and Molise.

How to access

The methods of access to the UOC Otorhinolaryngology of the PO of Cassino are as follows:

  • via CUP;
  • through outpatient activities;
  • via emergency room

Hours and days of receipt

The UOC Otorhinolaryngology of the P.O. of Cassino receives every day except on Sundays.


Manager: Dr. Eugenio Maria Giangrande

Cassino Office

  • Address: Ospedale Santa Scolastica, Via San Pasquale, snc – 03043 Cassino (FR)
  • Telephone: 0776.3929824

Last Updated: 01/04/2022

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