UOC Cardiology – UTIC – Hemodynamics

Approximately 1,400 hospitalizations/year are carried out in the Cardiology department. 20% are hospitalisations planned mainly for elective Invasive Cardiology procedures (haemodynamics or electrophysiology), 60% are urgent hospitalisations from the Emergency Department or the Hospital Departments or other Hospitals for unstable or non-dismissible patients; the remaining 20% are patients transferred from the Coronary Unit for the post-acute phase and for active mobilisation and pre-discharge rehabilitation.

  Medical staff

Dr. Pasquale Mollo0775 1883233/4pasquale.mollo@aslfrosinone.it
Dr. Giancarlo Di Ruzza0775 1883233/4giancarlo.diruzza@aslfrosinone.it
Dr Marco Cesario0775 1883233/4marco.cesario@aslfrosinone.it
Dr. Duino Boncompagni0775 1883233/4duino.boncompagni@aslfrosinone.it
Dr. Arianna Di Molfetta0775 1883232arianna.dimolfetta@aslfrosinone.it
Dr. Fernando Sbraga0775 1883232fernando.sbraga@aslfrosinone.it

  Services / Activities provided

Day Hospital  
Outpatient Activity  


Manager: Dr. Maurizio Menichelli

Headquarters: Frosinone

Address: Fabrizio Spaziani Hospital, 1st Floor – Via A. Fabi, 03100 Frosinone

E-mail department: emodinaca.hfr@aslfrosinone.it E-mail Director:

maurizio.menichelli@aslfrosinone.it tel. 0775

1883357 Coordination Area: tel. 0775

1883369 Consolle Room: tel. 0775 1883362

Computer Room: tel. 0775 1883363

Last Updated: 01/04/2022

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