Casa della Salute Atina

Atina Health House is part of a territorial socio-health network of primary care and continuity of care that covers the entire regional territory. It is part of the ASL of Frosinone – District C.

The active services are as follows:

  • PUA – Single Point of Access: has been activated since September 2015. The dedicated staff belongs to the Territorial Services (A.D.I., Family Clinic, CSM), with the support of the operators of the Socio-Health Services UOSD. The PUA has the following schedule: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday 08.30 -12.30; Tuesday afternoon 15.30 – 17.30. Telephone: 0776/6984435
  • CUP – Single Booking Centre: consists of 2 stations, with the following hours: Monday-Friday 08.00-13.15, Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday afternoon 15.00 – 17.30. Telephone: 0776/6984426
  • Continuity of Care: the workstation is managed by no. 4 Doctors. Continuity of Care doctors on duty ensure the normal activity of the institution: nights 20.00 – 08.00; pre-holidays 10.00 – 20.00; holidays 8.00 – 20.00. Telephone: 0776/6984427
  • ARES 118: Telephone: 0776.609399.
  • Outpatient Clinics and Outpatient Clinics: Specialist Branches

Atina Health House Outpatient Clinics

Referring physician: Dr. Angela Gabriele
Nursing Coordinator: Dr Giovanna Campoli
Organizational Structure: District “C”



Atina Via Ponte Melfa
For information you can call 0776/6984048.
Operators will respond from 12:30 to 13:30.

Services/Activities provided

The following Services are also allocated in the structure:

  • Forensic Medicine – Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 09.30 to 11.30;
  • Choice/Revocation of the Doctor: General Practitioner and Paediatrician of Free Choice. Telephone: 0776.6984417;
  • EEC Office: Telephone: 0776.6984417;
  • Centre for Mental Health (CSM): Monday – Friday from 08.00 to 14.00; Tuesday and Wednesday from 14.00 to 17.30;
  • Family Consultation – Monday – Friday from 08.30 to 14.00; Tuesday and Wednesday from 15.00 to 17.00;
  • Paediatric Clinic – Tuesday and Thursday from 08.00 to 17.00;
  • Ultrasound Service;
  • Withdrawal Centre: withdrawal activities are carried out from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 09:30;
  • Home Assistance Center ADI/CAD – Monday – Friday from 08.00 to 14.00 all figures; Monday and Thursday from 14.10 to 17.10 Nurses; Tuesday and Thursday from 14.10 to 17.10 Social Worker;
  • Territorial Pharmaceutical Assistance: the service provides online therapeutic plans for patients residing in the Comino Valley; Monday – Friday from 09.00 to 12.00;
  • Prosthetic Assistance: the Rehabilitation and Physiatry service rehabilitates and takes care of the adult disabled user, including prosthetic assistance. Through a multidisciplinary team, it guarantees care and rehabilitation interventions, plans the activation and integration of the social and health services network. Monday – Friday from 08.00 to 14.00; Monday and Wednesday from 14.30 to 17.30; Thursday from 09.30 to 11.00 (Physiatrist);
  • Food and Nutrition Hygiene Service (SIAN): Monday – Friday from 08.00 to 14.00; Monday and Wednesday from 14.30 to 17.30;
  • Public Hygiene Service (SISP);
  • Veterinary Service Area A – Animal Health – Monday – Saturday from 12.30 to 13.45

Other activities included:

  • Primary Care Unit: General Practitioners (GPs);
  • Single Point of Access (P.U.A.);
  • Volunteering and Mutuality area;
  • Nursing Clinic;
  • Temporary Surveillance Area

The specialist activities provided in the Atina office are ensured by the internal affiliated outpatient specialists of the Territorial Outpatient Clinic and by the Role Specialists of the ASL Company of Frosinone.

Forensic Medicine

The Forensic Medicine Operating Unit has the task of ensuring the technical governance and the correct performance of medical-legal and collegiate certification activities (ascertainment of the state of civil disability, disability, placement aimed at the work of disabled people, psycho-physical suitability for driving, etc.) and individual activities (suitability for driving, carrying weapons, hiring for public employees, adoption, etc.).

The Facility:

  • provides advice to various public bodies and operators on issues with forensic medical implications in all areas;
  • ensures a control service throughout the territory of competence, for workers absent due to illness (tax visit) and a availability service for necropsy;

The following certificates are issued at the operational units of territorial forensic medicine:

  • certificates for suitability for driving;
  • certificates for suitability for use and possession of weapons;
  • certificates of suitability for adoption;
  • certificates for the granting of the special parking mark;
  • certificates relating to inability to work pursuant to Law 300/70 and pursuant to Law 638/83;
  • certificates of exemption from the use of seat belts;
  • certificates on the protection of mother workers for early abstention from work;
  • certificates relating to necropsy investigations pursuant to Law 285/90;
  • certificates relating to investigations requested by the judicial authority;
  • certificates for serious diseases

The following collegiate medico-legal investigations are also carried out at the operational units of territorial forensic medicine:

  • assessments for the employment of civil invalids pursuant to Law 68/99;
  • assessments for the release of suitability for the task referred to in Law 300/70 and for the purposes of dispensation from the service (Law 333/95);
  • second instance investigations for suitability for theuse of weapons;
  • inspections for posting

Family Office

The main activities in the Family Office are the following:

  • reception, information and social-health consultancy activities;
  • psychological and social counselling;
  • support paths for relational difficulties of the individual, the couple, the family;
  • support for birth paths;
  • group meetings for women and couples, from pregnancy to the first year of life of the child;
  • obstetric-gynecological care;
  • cancer prevention activities;
  • contraception – emergency contraception;
  • iVG certification;
  • meetings and/or education courses on affectivity and sexuality in schools;
  • youth space;
  • home visits (social and postpartum);
  • activities Courts for minors

Paediatric Office

The Pediatric Office carries out vaccination activities in developmental age that include:

  • sending a personalised invitation to all newborns;
  • periodic and systematic recovery activities with active call for revaccinations and for late arrivals;
  • extraordinary vaccination campaign for the elimination of measles and congenital rubella;
  • vaccination campaign against rubella in women of childbearing age (15-44 years);
  • promotion and offer with active call for vaccination against papillomavirus at the age of twelve;
  • promotion and offer of anti-meningoccal C and pneumococcal vaccinations;
  • promotion and offer of the Varicella Vaccination;
  • optional vaccinations for a fee based on the rates of the regional tariff in force;
  • issuance upon request of certifications for children’s access to school or for other

ADI/CAD Home Care Center

The ADI/CAD Service is the care formula that, through the intervention of several health and social professionals, carries out a unitary, limited or continuous care project at the patient’s home over time. The objective is the improvement of the patient’s quality of life and the humanization of treatment, in a family context that is certainly more suitable, especially for the elderly patient.

The services offered by ADI are:

  • home nursing care;
  • home withdrawals for analysis;
  • dressings;
  • specialist home visits;
  • prescriptions for aids and prostheses;
  • physiotherapy at home

Public Hygiene Service (SISP)

The Hygiene and Public Health Service (S.I.S.P.) is the organization, headed by the Prevention Department, called to protect the health of citizens and the community in living environments. Its function is implemented through the expression of the opinion given to the competent Bodies (Municipality, Province, Region) regarding the issuance of authorizations or licenses to Companies or individuals operating in the territory. As the SISP of Atina is a delivery point, the staff is in charge at District C of Sora.

Veterinary Service Area A – Animal Health

The Veterinary Health Service of the Asl of Frosinone is the component of the Prevention Department that is responsible for monitoring animal health. Professionals working in this sector practice, among other things, the prophylaxis of infectious and parasitic diseases, veterinary pharmacovigilance, hygiene of livestock production and hygienic health protection of food of animal origin.

Our Location

Via Colle Melfa, 75 – 03042 Atina (FR)

Complaints, suggestions, proposals for improvement, can be made at the Public Relations Office located in Frosinonone headquarters toll-free number 800716963 direct tel: 0775/8822254-55 Fax 0775/8822053 and email

Complaint templates can be downloaded from the website Through the URP Operational Structure, Communication, Reception, Protection, Participation and the Social Network, Volunteering, Mutuality and Reception, the activities of the Casa della Salute will be subject to periodic activities of Civic Audit and evaluation of the degree of satisfaction of the User.


Coordinating Physician: Dr. Angela Gabriele

Atina Office

  • Address: Via Colle Melfa, 75 – 03042 Atina (FR)
  • Health Directorate Telephone: 0776.690408 – 0776.6984424
  • Personnel Office Phone: 0776.6984401
  • Protocol Office Phone: 0776.6984402
  • Active Invoicing Office Phone: 0776.6984400 – 0776.6984402 – 0776.6984403
  • Outpatient and Outpatient Telephone: 0776.698048
  • ARES Phone 118: 0776.609399
  • Doctor’s Choice and Revocation Office Phone: 0776.6984417
  • EEC Office Phone: 0776.6984417
  • Family Office Phone (Dr. Anna Maria Petitti): 0776.6984405
  • Paediatric Office Phone (Dr. Vincenzo Marchelletta): 0776.6984408
  • ADI/CAD telephone (Dr. Antonietta Bellone): 0776.6984409
  • CSM Mental Health Center Phone (Dr. Donato Rufo): 0776.610405
  • Local Pharmacy Phone (Dr. Fulvio Ferrante): 0776.698048
  • Legal Medicine Phone (Dr. Antonio Palombo): 0776.6984413
  • Clinical Rehabilitation and Physiatry Phone (Dr. Alberina Pagnani): 0776.6984411 – 0776.6984417
  • SIAN Food Hygiene and Nutrition Service telephone (Dr. Emilio Cardile): 0776.6984419
  • SISP Public Hygiene Service Telephone (Dr. Antonella Guzzi): 0776.821821
  • Telephone Veterinary Service Area A – Animal Health (Dr. Mauro Baldassarra): 0776.693044
  • Email:

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