Infectious Diseases Unit

Departmental activities

The only department of Corporate Infectious Diseases that acts as a link for all infectious diseases of the three corporate centres.

For 35 years, the Reference Centre for liver diseases, especially viral etiology. It boasts of having treated about 1200 patients with viral hepatitis C virus with complete resolution of the viral infection through the use of modern DAA antiviral drugs (only Provincial Regional Center authorized).

This activity is linked to the presence in the UOC of the UOS Hepatology.

Diseases treated in hospital

  • Acute and chronic hepatitis exacerbated by viral, autoimmune, post-alcoholic and iatrogenic agents
  • Viral hepatitis from minor agents (type CMN,HSV)
  • Hepatosteatites and hepatic steatoses
  • Primitive biliary cirrhosis, sclerosing cholangitis, overlap syndromes
  • Community and MDR-germ pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Meningitis
  • Encephalitis
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Uncomplicated endocarditis
  • Malaria
  • Leptospirosis
  • Leishmania
  • HIV disease (early diagnosis )  and opportunistic infections
  • Cholecystitis
  • Urinary tract infections, even complicated
  • Covid 19 pathology in its predominantly pulmonary manifestations

The UOC of Infectious Diseases uses the collaboration  of the I.S.S. for the sophisticated laboratory diagnosis of viral diseases and the Liver Transplant Centers of the Lazio Region with which we have established a care path for the care of patients with advanced liver diseases, candidates for the evaluation of Liver Transplant, locoregional techniques of chemoembolization  and reduction of portal hypertension in the course of advanced liver cirrhosis or Hepatocarcinoma

Our Hepatology Center is also connected with a guided care path with the Oncology UOC for the most modern cancer therapy treatments for Hepatocarcinoma:

1) Unique Regional Prescribing Center for the entire province of Frosinone, for the treatment of Hepatitis C

2) Clinical Reference Centre for Regional HCV Screening to achieve the “Micro-elimination of hepatitis C” target set by the who by 2030

We are part of the CC-ICA Committee on Hospital Infections, for the fight against antibiotic resistance, in particular Dr. Giovanni Farinelli Epidemiologist Referent.

For this reason, we have planned courses to learn correct behaviour “such as hand washing” and the “correct use and disinfection of venous and non-venous central catheters” for all ASL staff.

We are in collaboration with all the Company UOCs, through Documentary consultancy, for the most disparate infectious problems of patients admitted to the three provincial Hospitals.

Last but not least, at our outpatient clinics, Dr. Marcelli Maurizio has been carrying out the only company Covid FOLLOW-UP clinic since 2020 where all patients with previous Covid (especially with lung problems) are visited.

These patients, in addition to being visited, have the opportunity to perform, if necessary, Pulmonary Ultrasound, Spirometry, EGA, Pathway Test and receive the appropriate therapy.

Our outpatient activity is as follows:

  • From Monday to Friday at 9 am -13 pm
  • Booking via RECUP
  • Request for 1) Infectious disease visit
  • Request for 2) Hepatological examination (on handwritten recipe)

Internal medicine visit (WRITING IN NOTE EPATOLOGICAL VISIT AT UOC infectious diseases) if written on DEMATERIALIZED PRESCRIPTION

N.B. If the request is wrong, the service will not be provided at our UOC and the patient will receive discomfort

Outpatient organisation chart


  • Dr Giovanni Farinelli: liver diseases, lung infections in particular Tuberculosis, chronic infections with multidrug-resistant germs


  • Dr Maurizio Marcelli : Infectious pulmonary diseases -Follow-UPCovid


  • Dr. Katia Casinelli UOS Hepatology;
  • Dr. Marina Sebastiani: Hepatology and hepatosteatosis


  • Dr. Marina Sebastiani: Hepatology; antiviral prophylaxis ( for hepatitis, CMV, etc. ) of immunocompromised patients such as oncohematology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, etc.


  • Dr. Luciano Sarracino: Infectious diseases; Hepatology

Hepatitis B vaccinations are carried out every day to at-risk personnel and to personnel sent by the competent doctor for service or vaccination recall or for advice in case of non-responsiveness to the vaccine and to subjects on dialysis and pre-dialysis, also from external centres such as Euronephro (from Monday to Saturday at 8.30 am to 1 pm ).

Diagnostic PACs are carried out every day for the new diagnosis of liver diseases or the staging of chronic liver diseases or for the search of any suspected focal lesions.

And therapeutic PACs for the treatment of the most varied infections, manageable with antibiotic therapy targeted on the antibiogram, avoiding hospitalisation if possible.

Every day PACs are carried out for the diagnosis of “LYMPHADENOPATHY n.d.d.”

Every day (except Thursdays) infectious disease examinations are carried out for Mantoux or Quantiferon Tests (with 72-hour test reading and issuance of certification)

I specify that due to the small number of medical personnel currently on duty, the activity that has been temporarily reduced by necessity, will resume at full speed, in consideration of the needs of the patients who many have turned to us personally and over the phone.

We thank you for your esteem and affection.

We are doing everything possible for them, thanks to the undisputed help of the Strategic Directorate who is supporting us and whom we deeply thank.


UOC Infectious Diseases
UOS Hepatology

Director: Dr. Katia Casinelli

  • Tel. 07758822227 (8:30 -13:30) Outpatient clinic
  • 07758822199  Department 1
  • 07758822198  Department 2
  • e-mail
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