Anesthesia and Resuscitation Unit

The UOC  of Anesthesia and Resuscitation consists of a Director and 10 medical specialists in Anesthesia and Resuscitation. Performs anesthesia and perioperative management activities for the surgical branches of P. O di Sora. He directs all the activities of the operating block and the Recovery Room. Performs long-term vascular accesses Port-a-Cath, PICC, Gronshong, Midline for oncological surgery, medical oncology and other hospital departments. Manages Postoperative Intensive Care and Resuscitation with 6 PP.LL. He also performs pain therapy with invasive techniques, spinal/peridural neuroimplants, etc.

  Medical staff

Dr. Gaetano Carbone0776 8294142gaetano,
Dr. Rossana Perruzza0776
Dr. Lucia Valente0776 8294137
Dr. Miriam Sarra0776 8294137
Dr. Polixeni Nika0776 8294137
Dr. Mariafrancesca Fiorini0776
Dr.Roberta Regolo0776
Dr. Iacopo Farina0776
Dr.Manuela Quinzi0776
Dr. Nazzareno Lomartire0776 8294142

  Services / Activities provided


  • Anaesthesiological clinic for pre-hospitalisation; External clinic for arterial blood gas analysis;


  • Multipurpose resuscitation: Artificial ventilation in Advanced Lung Protection for ARDS; Rapid Infection and Sepsis Management with point-of-care microbiological diagnosis in molecular biology PCR directly in resuscitation. All advanced CRRT techniques for extracorporeal organ support for kidney function, liver failure, lung failure, sepsis with endotoxin removal, plasmapheresis etc.; Volumetric and Pressure Metric Hemodynamic Monitoring and Diagnostics with PICCO2 and Swan Ganz. TT and TE echocardium. Artificial nutrition with indirect calorimetry.
  • Pharmacodynamic multimodal anaesthesia with administration of intravenous anaesthetics and inhalers in Target Controlled Infusion and advanced neurological monitoring of the level of sedation, curarisation and analgesia.
  • Peripheral nerve blocks with ultrasound guidance and tens.


Responsible: Dr. Fulvio Caracciolo

Headquarters: Sora

Address: Ss. Trinità di Sora Hospital, 1st Floor – Loc. S. Marciano, 03039 Sora (FR)

E-mail department:

E-mail Director: tel. 338 7735690

Secretary: tel. 0776 8294273

Last Updated: 01/04/2022

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