PTOTA Handbook

The Commission for the Hospital-Business Territory Therapeutic Handbook (PTOTA), represents a strategic multi-professional and multidisciplinary group, in charge of monitoring the use of drugs already present in the company handbook and defining the variations of the same.

The PTOTA is a fundamental decision-making tool to implement a corporate drug policy, understood as an evaluation of the available therapeutic resources in terms of scientific evidence, safety of use and economic sustainability.

The PTOTA is inspired by and recalls in a binding manner the current PTOR. The Handbook has the potential to become a flexible working tool, useful for directing professional behaviours towards a rational use of drugs, guaranteeing their appropriateness for use in hospitals and controlling the consequent repercussions on prescription/pharmaceutical spending in the local area.

It follows the need to make it a shared and validated tool, through the use of explicit criteria, which allow you to choose between the many options proposed, based on precise clinical and pharmaco-economic results, through comparative evaluation with drugs already known and/or in consolidated use.

Last Updated: 22/03/2022

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