UOC Clinical Pathology

The Clinical Pathology UOC includes the Analysis Laboratories of the Hospitals of Frosinone (Hub), Cassino (Base), Sora (Emergency), Alatri (Emergency) (D.C.A. 219/14). The UOC provides its diagnostic services in the PP.OO Analysis Laboratories of Frosinone, Cassino, Sora and Alatri.

Diagnostic services in clinical chemistry, haematology and coagulation, toxicology, immunoserology, molecular biology, allergology, semiology, seroproteins, chromatography, microbiology and virology are carried out.

Services/Activities provided

The Clinical Pathology UOC is equipped with the most modern analyzers and offers a wide range of basic and specialized services. The instrumentation is connected to a sample acceptance management system with sample identification by barcodes. A computer system is active that allows bidirectional connection with the departments, with the district collection centres and between the four laboratories of the UOC.

In order to constantly guarantee a high quality of the results, it carries out internal and external quality controls, on a daily and periodic basis.


The services of the Clinical Pathology Service, over 5,500,000 per year, are aimed at patients admitted to the inpatient or emergency departments and outpatients who access the Service directly (in the sampling centres located in the four Hospital Headquarters) or through the numerous sampling centres managed by the Company Districts.

How to access

Access to outpatient services is free in compliance with the schedules and/or the maximum number of acceptances provided by each centre.

The collection of the reports can be carried out at the counter, directly by the patient, or by his delegate provided with a written proxy, or online by requesting the recovery desk, at the time of submitting the request, to issue the relevant password.

N.B.: The user who, after obtaining the specialist or instrumental diagnostic service included in the Regional Tariff Nomenclature, does not collect the diagnostic report, is required, even if exempt from sharing the health expense, to pay the share of the cost of the service.


Acting Head: Dr. Tommaso Aceti

Contact persons

  • Frosinone-Alatri Laboratories: Dr. Alba Adalgisa Ricozzi (Head of UOS);
  • Cassino Laboratory: Dr. Tommaso Aceti (UOS Manager);
  • Sora Laboratory: Dr. Luciano Cristini (UOS Manager)

Frosinone Laboratory

  • Phone: 0775.1883326 – 0775.1883328

Cassino Laboratory

  • Phone: 0776.3929464 – 0776.3929465 – 0776.3929466

Sora Laboratory

  • Phone: 0775.8824046 – 0775.8824047

Alatri Laboratory

  • Phone: 0775.4385096 – 0775.4385097

Last Updated: 01/04/2022

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