Department of Surgical Specialties

The Department of Surgical Sciences is aimed at coordinating the diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases on a company scale, in order to guarantee a quality of homogeneous interventions and services throughout the territory. The Department is oriented to both planned and emergency surgical activity. It guarantees the continuity of the clinical path by directly providing diagnostic and rehabilitation services, integrating with the services and the UU.OO.CC. responsible for this. The Department is projected towards technological innovation through the adoption of materials, techniques and procedures selected through clinical and scientific evidence. It also participates in applied clinical research and the review of methodologies both with local actions and especially in the context of regional networks and initiatives. The main resource subject to attention and development is the professional one: the Department identifies functional professional groups with specific individual and team clinical skills to make them available in the network according to centralization or decentralization mechanisms. In accordance with the DEA (UOC Anesthesia and Resuscitation), it regulates access to operating rooms and hospitalization through a system of activity programming and the definition of surgical and care spaces for emergency and elective activity in a flexible manner commensurate with the waiting list in its various composition.

Last Updated: 09/02/2023

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