UOSD Ophthalmology (P.O. Cassino)

The Ophthalmology UOSD of the S. Scolastica Hospital in Cassino has characteristics of outpatient ophthalmic structure and ophthalmic surgical day surgery.

Services/Activities provided

All clinical and diagnostic activities in the field of ophthalmology can be performed at the UOSD; with regard to surgical services, in particular, cataract extraction surgeries are carried out with the implantation of artificial lenses that allow an optimal recovery of visual function. In multidisciplinary day surgery, more complex interventions are then carried out for the treatment of glaucomas, corneal diseases, retinal diseases, etc.

The services concern, in particular: pre-surgical visits; post-surgical visits; internal consultations; orthoptic visits; visual fields; anti-glaucoma centre; consultations for diabetic patients with fluorangiographic examination; retinal laser treatments.

Significant importance is given to the prevention of glaucoma damage (Anti-Glaucoma Centre), the prevention of diabetes damage (Eye and Diabetes Project) and the prevention of visual damage from maculopathy.


Recipient of the Facility is the entire population. Particular attention to eye screening of elderly diabetic patients in the context of the Eye and Diabetes hospital/territory prevention project with the Antidiabetic Center of the Pontecorvo Health House. Particular attention is paid to eye screening of elderly patients suffering from macular degeneration.

How to access

Access for all clinical-diagnostic services can be made by direct reservation at the Ophthalmology Unit; surgical cases, in particular, are included in a waiting list that allows access to be regulated and scheduled (for information purposes only, for access for cataract surgery, the average wait does not exceed 45 days).

Reference times and days

Reference times and days are every day, in particular from Monday to Friday in the early morning time slot, excluding Saturday mornings.


Responsible: Dr. Luigi Pinchera

Medical Managers: Dr. Leopoldo Segreti; Dr. Alessandra Mastromatteo; Dr. Simonetta Macioce

Head: Ms. Patrizia Pittiglio

Cassino Office

  • Address: Via S. Pasquale – 03043 Cassino (FR)
  • Telephone: 0776.3929818

Last Updated: 01/04/2022

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