UDI – Nursing Unit in h. 24

Territorial Assistance and Hospital/Territory integration are growing

Patients sent by Hospitals or General Practitioners can access the Nursing Inpatient Units in 24 hours.

For multidisciplinary post-acute, chronic and degenerative diseases, stabilised and not treatable at home, stomas, drains, etc.

High Intensity Nursing and Low Intensity Medical Performance

UDI – Nursing UnitNumber of Beds
Liri Island10
Total Beds51

The UDI offices

  • Presidio of Anagni – Via Onorato Capo 2, Anagni (FR) Maps
  • Casa della Salute di Ceccano – Via Borgo S. Lucia 52, Ceccano (FR) Maps
  • Presidio of Isola Liri – Via Ospedale snc, Isola del Liri (FR) Maps
  • Casa della Salute di Pontecorvo – Via S. G. Battista 1, Pontecorvo (FR) Maps


The UDI offices

Presidio of Anagni

  • Via Onorato Capo 2
  • Tel. 0775-7325255

Casa della Salute di Ceccano

  • Via Borgo S. Lucia 52
  • Tel. 0775-6262833

Presidio of Isola Liri

  • Via Ospedale snc
  • Tel. 0776-814848

Casa della Salute in Pontecorvo

  • Via S. G. Battista 1
  • Tel. 0776-7692935

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