UOSD Integrated Social Health Services: Migrants, Gender Medicine and Poverty Reduction

The Socio-Health Services UOSD of the Local Health Authority of Frosinone is a Simple Departmental Structure within the Department of Primary Care and Intermediate Care and is responsible for coordinating the socio-health activities of the territory integrating with Local Authorities and Third Sector bodies.

The Facility performs these functions through the following:

Functions and Activity Lines:

  • detection of community health needs through socio-health projects that network the structures of the territory and that also integrate with the hospital network;
  • design, through Memoranda of Understanding with entities and Associations, of interventions aimed at meeting the welfare and health needs of fragile population groups (the elderly, the disabled, minors, women victims of abuse);
  • identification of emerging requests for reception and integration;
  • participation, where indicated by the Company Management, in the planning and preparation of the Area Plans drawn up by the Social Districts of the territory;
  • planning, planning and development of new organisational models in the health and social services network;
  • collaboration in the coordination and development of the company’s Single Access Points (pursuant to Company Resolution no. 1213/2017)

The Socio-Health Services UOSD of the Local Health Authority of Frosinone has the following:

Projects under development

  • Provincial Network for the prevention and fight against gender violence;
  • Down People’s Health Pathway;
  • Multiple Sclerosis Care Therapeutic Diagnostic Pathway;
  • Alzheimer’s;
  • Implementation of regional provisions for social and health integration

Since September 2017, following the organisational reorganisation carried out on the basis of the new Business Act, the UOSD has managed the activity of the Multiethnic Service in the two offices in Frosinone (at the Healthcare Presidium of Viale Mazzini) and Pontecorvo (at the Casa della Salute, Via S. Giovanni Battista 5).

Multi-Ethnic Service Functions and Activity Lines

The Multiethnic Service, based on the company mission, the constitutional and regulatory principles in force, carries out a reception and listening function for foreign citizens, both from European Union and non-EU countries, as well as providing information and guidance on the use of health services.

The verification of the existence of any critical issues from a health point of view (in close liaison with the managing bodies of the Reception Centres) with particular reference to the assistance needs of the most vulnerable categories (minors, women, victims of torture and violence, disabled people, people with emotional problems and psychiatric disorders) aims to correspond to the intentions of the current National Integration Plan by building tools for the attachment and empowerment of foreign citizens towards the territory and the community of residence that are the main antibodies capable of preventing and neutralising phenomena of radicalisation in interpersonal and social relations.

In particular, in the context of the Multiethnic Service, the following activities are carried out, with direct access:

  • issuing ENI (Non-registered Europeans) and STP (Temporarily Present Foreigners) cards;
  • general practice and paediatrics;
  • psychological counselling;
  • literacy and health education aimed at guests and staff of reception centres

Days and Hours of Reception of Multiethnic Service

General Medicine outpatient clinic in Frosinone

  • Monday, Tuesday and Friday 9.00 – 14.00;
  • Thursday 9.00 – 17.00

Pediatric outpatient clinic in Frosinone

  • Monday and Thursday 9.00 – 14.00

General Medicine Outpatient Clinic based in Pontecorvo

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.00 – 14.00

Pediatric outpatient clinic in Pontecorvo

  • Wednesday 9.00 – 14.00;
  • Thursday 12.00 – 17.00

Operators of the Multiethnic Service in Frosinone:

  • Mariella Mizzoni – midwife;
  • Mafalda Rinaldi – administrative;
  • Emiliana Spaziani – nurse;
  • Tiziana Testani – nurse

With regard to the Multiethnic Service Operators based in Pontecorvo: we have administrative staff, nurses and technical operators belonging to other services who work part of the working hours in the Multiethnic Service.


Responsible: Dr. Cesare Tarquini Guetti

Social Assistant Collaborator: Nisia Lucchetti (UOSD Office and PUA Health District B)

Nurse Collaborator: Antonella Macciomei (PUA Health District B)

Frosinone Headquarters

  • Address: via A. Fabi, Edificio C, I° Piano – 03100 Frosinone;
  • Telephone: 0775.8822382 – 0775.8822383;
  • Email: cesare.tarquiniguetti@aslfrosinone.it
  • Email: servizisociosanitari @aslfrosinone.it

Last Updated: 04/04/2022

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