Nephrology and Dialysis Unit Cassino-Sora

The Complex Operating Unit of Nephrology and Dialysis of the S. Scolastica Hospital in Cassino is located on the second floor of the structure.

The UOC is aimed at taking care of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease, in the phases of prevention and clinical monitoring, renal replacement therapy (hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis), dialysis access packaging surgery, surgery.

Mission and Vision

The UOC deals with patients suffering from acute and chronic renal diseases that progress towards resolution or stabilisation with different degrees of functional impairment (for acute disease events), or towards chronic end-stage renal failure with total impairment of renal function.

Therefore, the preeminent function of the facility is the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases and renal failure with medical therapy, with replacement therapy (hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis), indication and preparation for listing for renal transplantation, functional study of arterial hypertension and all pathologies that lead to impairment of renal function.

The nephrological hospital consists of 10 beds.

Hemodialysis consists of:

  • n. 12 beds for chroniclers;
  • n. 2 beds for acute and emergency;
  • n. 2 non-contact beds (for positive users for hepatitis B);
  • 2 beds reserved for training and treatment of peritoneal dialysis

Time and days of receipt

The UOC also consists of the divisional clinic (located on the second floor at the outpatient clinics) open from Monday to Friday:

  • clinical ultrasounds: Monday and Wednesday from 08:00 to 14:00;
  • nephrological examinations: Tuesday and Thursday from 08.00 to 14.00;
  • nephrological examinations for diabetic nephropathy: Tuesday from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm;
  • arterial hypertension surgery: Tuesday and Thursday from 12.00 to 13.00;
  • 24-hour blood pressure monitoring: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12.00 to 13.00;
  • Therapeutic PACs;
  • Diagnostic cap for HYPERTENSION: (code: P401);
  • PAC for the diagnosis of NEPHROPATHIES: (code: P583);
  • Cap for NEPHROLITHIASIS or RENAL COLIC: (code: P592);
  • PAC for chronic renal failure: (code: P585A)

How to access

The following is admitted to the nephrological hospital:

  • by call from the waiting list after insertion of the predisposing nephrologist and after an outpatient nephrological examination;
  • directly from the Emergency Department of the hospital for emergency users;
  • by transfer, after consulting the nephrologist, from another operating unit of the same hospital, including the intensive care departments (Resuscitation or Utic) when the clinical conditions no longer require hospitalization in these departments;
  • by request of a bed for transfer from other facilities.

Clinical news is released by doctors from 12.30 to 13.30.

The hemodialysis service is accessed:

  • through the Emergency Department of the hospital, for emergency/urgent treatments;
  • by nephrological evaluation after consultation if it is a user already hospitalized in another OU of the hospital. In the event that it is impossible to move the patient to reach the dialysis room (because in resuscitative or cardiological intensive care), bed-side haemodialysis treatments are carried out;
  • by calling from the waiting list for a haemodialysis bed after entering it with a request drawn up by the interested party or by a family member delegated to the Social Welfare Office of the same hospital;

Hemodialysis treatments for chronic diseases are carried out on weekdays from 07.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 18.30.

The PAC service is accessed through the evaluation of the nephrologist after a nephrological visit (requested by the general practitioner) and subsequent insertion on a specific waiting list.

Services related to the O.U.

The OU makes use of the collaboration of all the services present within the hospital as well as external services for the maintenance of specific electro-medical equipment (dialysis and osmosis monitors). The facility has an IT connection with other hospital services such as the analysis laboratory, the catering service, the user acceptance and discharge service.

Patients who are not self-sufficient reach the dialysis centre by stretcher or wheelchair via transport and ambulance services. The user is responsible for requesting transport to the aforementioned services upon certification by the nephrologist that it is impossible to reach the centre independently (for all dialysis patients, transport to and from the dialysis centre on the days of treatment is provided free of charge by the Lazio Region, whatever the means, used after certification of the sessions held).

Organisation of the OU

The following professional figures are present in the OU:

  • 1 Responsible Director (on an interim basis);
  • n. 6 Doctors (Nephrologists);
  • n. 1 Nurse contact person (d.f. coordinator);
  • 20 nurses of which: 11 dedicated to the dialysis service (1 of which to the partime service), 8 dedicated to the nephrological hospitalization (of which 6 shiftworkers and 2 non-shiftworkers), 1 dedicated to the outpatient service of Nephrology;
  • n. 4 OSS (in turn with 1 Nurse in Nephrology);
  • 1 OTA (in turn with 1 Nurse in Nephrology);
  • 3 Auxiliaries (of which 1 on leave) provided to the Nephrology and Dialysis Unit, but managed by the DS nursing office and shared, almost daily, with other OUs

The diagnostic PAC service is guaranteed by the nurse of the Nephrology clinic while the therapeutic PAC service is ensured by the nurses of Nephrology and the f.f. coordinator.


Manager: Dr Remo Giuseppe Nacca

Cassino Office

  • Address: Ospedale Santa Scolastica, via San Pasquale snc, II° Piano – 03043 Cassino (FR)
  • Director Phone: 0776.3929225
  • Medical Studies Phone: 0776.3929507 – 0776.3929510
  • Dialysis Room Phone: 0776.3929495
  • Coordinator Phone: 0776.3929515
  • Telephone Medicheria Nephrology: 0776.3929509
  • Nephrology Outpatient Phone: 0776.3929610

Last Updated: 01/04/2022

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