Department of Medical Specialties

It is the Department aimed at coordinating the diagnosis and treatment of medical diseases on a company scale, in order to guarantee a quality of homogeneous interventions and services throughout the territory. It ensures the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases (infectious, nephrological, gastroenteric, onco-haematological) by taking charge of the patient and managing them according to shared pathways.

The aggregation of UU.OO.CC. of medical area on a departmental basis aims to achieve methods of organization of work and decision-making processes strongly conditioned by mutual interdependence, up to a flexibility of use of human and technological resources, in compliance with both the standards provided for by current regulations and the rules of management efficiency. The sharing of care processes between several operating units that have an affinity or complementarity of operation leads to the recovery of the centrality of the patient and the holistic reinterpretation of his health problems with the consequent setting of diagnostic-therapeutic interventions based on transactions between the units and individual professionals. The recovery of coordination and integration spaces, while preserving lines of specialization, is in line with the principle that health protection is increasingly the result of interdisciplinary and cross-functional processes. The aggregation of homogeneous care functions in terms of clinical intervention tools can be achieved through the definition of activity plans, the production, application and verification of shared guidelines and protocols, the organization of common training activities, the evaluation and verification of the quality of care through clinical audit programs, the identification and promotion of new activities and new operating models. Given the discrete prevalence and incidence of some medical diseases of social importance, the Department of Medical Sciences must also have the task of increasingly integrating the offer of hospital services with territorial ones in an overall management logic according to the principle of continuity of care, that is, of care modulated according to different levels of complexity, with respect to the patient’s health problem.

Last Updated: 09/02/2023

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