UOS SERD – Ceccano

The UOS Serd Ceccano is a Simple Structure within the UOC Addiction Pathologies – Department of Mental Health and Addiction Pathologies that has the task of guaranteeing territorial treatments for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of substance use disorders.

In addition, he participates in the departmental function in relation to addiction interventions, operating in strict continuity of care and integration with the CSMs, the residential and semi-residential structures of the Department and accredited and the prison.

The UOS Serd of Ceccano is also a referent for 2 aspects of health promotion:

  • of health promotion interventions aimed at schools, guarantor of the implementation of the Regional Prevention Plan, project 3.2. Health promotion centred on life skills – Unplugged programme;
  • of the promotion of mental health in the community through the La Casa Comune network, a network of associations and third sector bodies to promote health pathways with particular attention to mental health, the construction of protective factors towards the use and abuse of psychotropic substances and behavioural addictions.


The recipients are:

  • patients suffering from problems of abuse or dependence on narcotic substances, legal psychotropics (alcohol, drugs, nicotine…) or illegal, as well as behaviours (pathological gambling…);
  • family members of patients;
  • persons reported pursuant to Articles 121 and 75 of Presidential Decree 309/90;
  • persons as an alternative to detention pursuant to Presidential Decree 309/90;
  • For the promotion of health: teachers and students of first and second grade secondary schools; third sector bodies, volunteering.

Services/Activities provided

The activities provided by the UOS Serd Ceccano are as follows:

  • Reception, evaluation and diagnosis:
    • assessment and evaluation of the state of psychophysical health;
    • screening for HIV infections, hepatitis, tbc;
    • drug addiction certifications.
  • Definition and sharing of the Individual Treatment Plan;
  • Targeted treatments:
    • support interventions and psychological therapy;
    • socio-rehabilitative interventions and interministerial counseling;
    • individual medical-pharmacological interventions involving the use of symptomatic drugs, agonists and antagonists;
    • psychiatric treatments;
    • collaboration with specialist centres for the management of related diseases;
    • can also be carried out at accredited facilities for residential, semi-residential or specialist programmes.
  • Clinical monitoring;
  • Consultancy to other local and hospital services for joint management;
  • For networking and health promotion activities:
    • training interventions for teachers, operators and third sector volunteers;
    • supervision for voluntary organisations and associations;
    • operational coordination of the DSMPD network.

How to access

Access to the Ser.D (Pathological Addiction Service):

  • is direct, in the sense that the commitment of the general practitioner is not necessary;
  • a valid identity document and a health card are sufficient;
  • all services are free of charge.

The protection of privacy is guaranteed by the operators of the Ser.D of the application of the law on professional secrecy and the right to anonymity. The right to confidentiality also extends to family members to whom information is provided only at the specific request of the interested party. For minors, the involvement of family members is provided according to current regulations.

Receipt time

The reception time at Ser.D in Ceccano is as follows:

  • from Monday to Saturday 08.30 – 14.00;
  • Tuesday and Thursday 15.00 – 18.00;
  • Closed on Sundays and holidays.


Manager: Dr. Lucio Maciocia

Ceccano Headquarters

  • Address: Borgo Santa Lucia, Casa della Salute – 03023 Ceccano (FR)
  • Phone: 0775.6262838
  • Fax: 0775.6262839
  • Email: serd.ceccano@aslfrosinone.it
  • Website: lacasacomune.aslfrosinone.it

Last Updated: 01/04/2022

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