UOC Hygiene and Public Health

Director Dr. Giuseppe Di Luzio

  • Address: Via Armando Fabi, snc – Palazzina G floor 1 – 03100 Frosinone
  • Phone: 0775 8822365
  • Email: sisp.direzione@aslfrosinone.it

The UOC Hygiene and Public Health is a complex structure within the Prevention Department that operates in the territory of its competence, also in support of Local and Regional Health Authorities to guarantee the protection of collective health.

The following UOS apply to the UOC Hygiene and Public Health:

Services / Activities provided

  • Issuance of hygienic-sanitary opinions and certifications:
    • opinions regarding urban planning instruments and cemetery constraints;
    • participation and Conferences of the Services;
    • opinions in the Supervisory Committee on Public Entertainment, Municipal and Provincial Venues;
    • opinions on the opening of schools, social and health facilities, etc.;
    • opinions on commissions for the verification of minimum authorisation and accreditation requirements for health facilities;
    • opinions for the opening of vocational training centres;
    • certificates of suitability for accommodation aimed at obtaining a residence permit for non-EU citizens;
    • insalubrity certifications for civil dwellings at the request of individuals or Entities;
    • certifications for the purchase and use of toxic gases;
    • acquisition of communications relating to the opening of medical, dental and other health professions, control of documentation and inspection of verification;
    • acquisition of SCIA with documentary control and inspection of verification (where required by current regulations) aimed at opening commercial premises, playrooms, beauticians, podiatrists, barbers, hairdressers, tattoo artists and piercers, laundries, etc.
  • Epidemiology and prophylaxis of infectious diseases:
    • information and training activities on infectious disease prevention measures;
    • acquisition of infectious disease notifications, management of the information flow of infectious disease notification forms with SERESMI (Regional Surveillance Service), conduct of epidemiological investigations with related prophylaxis and infection containment interventions, contact surveillance, etc.;
    • epidemiological investigations in cases of food poisoning;
    • HCV screening (hepatitis C)
  • ReNCaM (Registry of Causes of Death):
    • activities related to the maintenance of the Registry of Mortality of ASL residents: acquisition of ISTAT death cards, coding of the causes of death, information flow with DEP Lazio (Department of Regional Epidemiology);
    • issuing certificates of cause of death to those entitled.
  • Surveillance:
    • supervisory and control activities of commercial, artisanal and production structures;
    • supervision and control of sports and swimming facilities;
    • supervision and control of educational institutions, kindergartens, playrooms, accommodation facilities and social welfare facilities;
    • periodic monitoring of penitentiary institutions;
    • supervisory and control activities of health facilities subject to operating authorisation;
    • supervisory and control activities of health facilities authorised and accredited with the SRH;
    • acquisition of exposures and/or reports by public and private bodies regarding hygiene and health issues aimed at protecting public health;
    • assessment of the state of conservation and danger of articles containing asbestos upon notification by public or private bodies.
  • Cemetery hygiene and mortuary police:
    • issuance of certificate of suitability for hearsees;
    • coffin packaging for transport outside the region or abroad.
  • Population Surveillance:
    • Surveillance and biomonitoring study of the population of the S.I.N. (Site of National Interest) of Valle del Sacco.
  • Health Promotion and Health Education:
    • implementation of Regional Prevention Plans;
    • health education interventions and the promotion of correct lifestyles.

Last Updated: 08/02/2023

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