UOS Residential Center – Ceccano

The UOS Residential Centres is a simple structure within the UOC Residentiality and Semi-Residentiality. The structure consists of three Extensive Therapeutic-Rehabilitative Residential Structures, all three belonging to District B of Frosinone. The same are reported below in a more punctual and detailed manner.

Affiliated Residential Centres

Maxwell Jones Extensive Therapeutic Rehabilitation Residential Facility

The therapeutic project of the Maxwell Jones Extensive Therapeutic Rehabilitation Residential Facility deals with the care of patients with psychiatric pathology for whom it is considered possible to recover skills already possessed and dispersed from the course of the disease or from the onset of an episode of acute decompensation, at the onset or recurrence.

The purpose of insertion into the Community is to start the user towards the best possible quality of life based on the pathology present and the skills possessed.

The intervention ends with the transition to a structure with a lower welfare and economic impact or to return to the family and, in any case, it aims to bring the user back towards a progressive and guided return to the social fabric to which they belong.


The recipients of the Maxwell Jones Extensive Therapeutic Rehabilitation Residential Facility are patients suffering from psychiatric disorders with a diagnosis of psychosis, major depression, bipolar disorders and personality disorders in the post-acute or chronic phase that require a rehabilitation path.

Services / Activities provided

The services provided by the Maxwell Jones Extensive Therapeutic Rehabilitation Residential Facility are as follows:

  • psychiatric examination. Pharmacological therapy;
  • psychological interview; individual and group psychotherapy; texts;
  • social interventions;
  • intervention on families;
  • drafting of a shared Personalised Therapeutic Rehabilitation Project;
  • personal care activities and personal spaces;
  • recreational and sports activities aimed at re-socialisation;
  • manual and work activities aimed at recovering skills;
  • external activities in collaboration with voluntary associations and the private sector;
  • relationships with Bodies and Institutions for the reintegration into employment and housing or for the recognition of rights

How to access

Submission by the Mental Health Centre of reference of the user, after certification of the suitability of the rehabilitation project drawn up issued by the Evaluation Unit of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Diseases. Preparation of a P.T.R.P. with the medium-long term objectives of the intervention, agreed between the User, Community Operators, the sending Team and the Family.

Reception Time

The Maxwell Jones Extensive Therapeutic Rehabilitation Residential Facility is open all year round, 24 HOURS A DAY.


Manager: Dr. Renato Certosino

Ceccano Headquarters

  • Address: Borgo Santa Lucia – 03023 Ceccano (FR)
  • Phone: 0775.8822189
  • Fax: 0775.8822362
  • Email: srtr.priori@aslfrosinone.it

Last Updated: 01/04/2022

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