Acceptance Emergency Department

The Emergency and Acceptance Department (DEA) is a structure dedicated to emergency-emergency care response, which within a network model also represents a point of reference for other Hospital Headquarters related to it and constitutes a gateway to hospital admission.

It is therefore configured as a highly specialized structure with a multidisciplinary organizational model that involves services and specific professional figures with the task of dealing 24 hours a day with the diagnostic and therapeutic problems of the citizen in emergency-emergency situations, providing timely and adequate services to the level of complexity.

It ensures, always 24 hours a day, the activities of anaesthesia and resuscitation, also in connection with the interventions prepared by the Operating Units of the Department of Surgery.

It also ensures the cardiological care network, with particular attention to the pathologies that determine or have determined a clinical emergency, and the network dedicated to neurological pathologies, including the Intensive Care Unit and the units for ordinary care.

It is called upon to perform the following functions:

  1. immediate rescue and assessment of the patient’s global status, in order to safeguard their vital functions, then delegating the follow-up of care until complete recovery to the other hospital UUOOs. For this purpose, the P.S. service integrated into the DEA is responsible, intended as a point of confluence of the specialised skills present in the hospital;
  2. coordination and connection with out-of-hospital facilities operating on the network, with the aim of promoting the use of the most suitable facility;
  3. filter to hospital admissions, identifying those diseases that can be effectively addressed in care settings other than ordinary hospitalization (Day Hospital, Day Surgery, Day Service) or for which a period of temporary observation appears sufficient;
  4. anesthesiological and resuscitative care and treatment;
  5. care and treatment of heart diseases;
  6. teaching, scientific and training activities.

The Healthcare Company of Frosinone insures 1st level DEA in Frosinone and Cassino, and First Aid in the Hospitals of Alatri and Sora.

In particular, for the Frosinone-Alatri Hospital, an intense work of redevelopment and greater appropriateness of triage will be initiated, as well as the maternal and child areas will be enhanced (in anticipation of the mergers referred to in the Decree of the Commissioner in Minutes no. U00412 of 2014 for the perinatal network), the anesthesiological and orthopaedic areas and the activation of a paediatric emergency room.

The Acceptance Emergency Department is in close functional and operational connection with the Regional Company 118 and its operational departments.

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Emergency Department Acceptance (DEA)

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Last Updated: 01/04/2022

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