Mycological Inspectorate

Free courses for mushroom pickers promoted by the Mycological Inspectorate of the ASL Frosinone

To obtain the card, unique for the entire regional territory, which allows you to collect spontaneous mushrooms, it is necessary to follow an initial course of 14 hours (with compulsory attendance) that allows the collector to have basic notions on ecology and biology of mushrooms, as well as to know in a basic way the danger or edibility of at least the most common species that appear in forests and meadows of the region.

At the end of the course, a certificate is issued with which to obtain the collection card from the regional offices.

Lazio Regional Law 32/98, in addition to the above, also provides, through Lazio Regional Law 9/17, that at the end of the five-year period of possession of the aforementioned card, you must attend a 6-hour refresher course (with compulsory attendance).

The courses will be held in the afternoon-serial hours at 17-20; 18-20 in the days from Monday to Saturday, at the ASL district offices of:

  • Cassino (about 20 participants in the course) in the premises of the Food and Nutrition Hygiene Service of the former hospital in Via Di Biasio, by the Mycologist Dr. Aldo Terranova;
  • Frosinone (about 20 participants in the course) in the premises of the training room at the former hospital in Viale Mazzini, curated by the Mycologist Dr. Enrico Di Michele;
  • Sora (about 15 participants in the course) in the premises of the Mycological Inspectorate in the former hospital in via Piemonte, curated by the Mycologist Dr. Claudio Berna.

To attend these courses, free of charge, simply send a request by email to the address  specifying your name, surname, address, place and date of birth, indicating which of the three locations you intend to attend the course.

The dates and times of the lessons will be communicated to the applicants upon reaching the number of participants depending on the capacity of the classrooms.

Prevention of intoxication from mushroom consumption.

Last Updated: 12/10/2023

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