General Surgery Unit

The Frosinone-Alatri General Surgery Unit is a complex structure whose purpose is the hospitalization and treatment of diseases of general surgical interest.

  Medical staff

Dr.: Fabio Papetti0775 1883233/
Dr.: Stefano Mattacchione0775 1883233/
Dr.: Paolo Emilio Polichetti0775 1883233/
Dr.: Olga Iorio0775 1883233/
Dr.: Marcello Beverati0775
Dr.: Giuseppe Di Rocco0775
Dr.: Osvaldo Filice0775
Dr.: Pier Paolo Bellini0775
Dr.: Filippo De Pasquale0775
Dr.: Raffaele Arca0775
Dr.: Antonio Cicalese0775
Dr.: Sergio Santangeli0775

  Services / Activities provided

Interventional Ultrasound 0775 1883293 Dr. Sergio Santangeli
Surgical Outpatient Clinic0775 8822173 Dr. Arca Raffaele
Proctological Colon Surgery Outpatient Clinic0775 8822173Dr. N. Apice / Dr. F. De Pasquale
Andrological Surgery Clinic0775 8822173 Dr. F. De Pasquale
Abdominal Wall Surgery Outpatient Clinic0775 8822173 Dr. F. De Pasquale
Ambulatory Diagnostic Eco Color Doppler Arterial VenousAnagni Presidium Dr. O. Filice


Manager: Dr. Nicola Apice

Headquarters: Frosinone

Address: Fabrizio Spaziani Hospital, 4th Floor – Via A. Fabi, 03100 Frosinone

E-mail department: E-mail Director: tel. 0775

1883235 Head Office: Giuseppina Bondatti tel. 07751883236 e-mail: Nurses: tel. 0775

1883237 Doctors: tel. 0775

1883291 Fax department: 0775 1883165

Cordless: 0775 1883116

Last Updated: 21/09/2023

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