Health District D

The municipalities belonging to District D are: Acquafondata, Aquino, Ausonia, Cassino Castelnuovo Parano, Castrocielo, Cervaro, Colle San Magno, Coreno Ausonio, Esperia, Pico, Piedimonte San Germano, Pignataro Interamna, Pontecorvo, Roccasecca, San Giorgio a Liri, San Vittore del Lazio, Sant’Ambrogio sul Garigliano, Sant’Andrea del Garigliano, Sant’Apollinare, Sant’Elia Fiumerapido, Terelle, Vallerotornda, Villa Santa Lucia, Viticuso.

The inhabitants of District D are approximately 119,477.

The district activity complex is aimed at:

  • primary care, which guarantees primary care and, above all, continuity of care through the necessary coordination and multidisciplinary approach, both at home and in the clinic, among General Practitioners, Paediatricians of Free Choice, night and festive Medical Guard services in order to ensure real medical coverage to users on 24 hours;
  • intermediate care, also through the involvement of General Practitioners, the protection of women’s health and developmental age, childhood and adolescence through the activity carried out by Pediatricians of Free Choice, as well as education and prevention in developmental age, through the consultancy structures of the mother and child, with particular reference to the weakest categories, such as minors, migrants, non-EU citizens, refugees;
  • the protection of mental health and rehabilitation of the developmental age;
  • to local specialist medicine;
  • rehabilitation and care of the adult disabled user, including prosthetic care: through a multidisciplinary team, it guarantees care and rehabilitation interventions, programs the activation and integration of the social and health services network;
  • integrated home care aimed at people suffering from chronic diseases, clinical and functional syndromes, multiple deficits that lead to disability and not self-sufficiency which, for the most serious cases, after a multidimensional assessment, may provide access to residential or intermediate facilities: RSA, long-term care, hospice and day centres, in integration with the social services of the Municipalities;
  • the prevention and treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism and abuse of all kinds;
  • forensic medicine, authorisation, certification;
  • pharmaceutical assistance;
  • to the immigrant population (regular or not)

The Commission on the Appropriateness of Pharmaceutical and Specialist Prescriptions identified by collective agreements and regional agreements of General Practitioners and Paediatricians of Free Choice and outpatient Specialists is established at the Health District D. 

In District D, the Pontecorvo Health House is also established, a procedure that allows chronic patients to be taken care of and followed continuously, in order to reduce the damage caused by chronicity and to delay the evolution of the chronic disease so as to improve the living conditions of the person and reduce or contain the costs of the health service.

In the Health House of Pontecorvo there are active services of:

  • Information and front-office: CUP (Single Booking Centre), PUA (Single Access Point), URP (Public Relations Office);
  • Healthcare: ASB (Basic Healthcare), UCP (Primary Care Unit), Continuity of Care, UDI (Nursing Inpatient Unit), PAT (Territorial Outpatient Services), PDTA (Diagnostic Therapeutic Care Pathways), Nursing Clinic, Dialysis, FKT, Prosthetic Care, Specialist Outpatient Clinic, Radiology;
  • Socio-Healthcare Area: Family/paediatric practice, Forensic Medicine, Multiethnic Clinic, Volunteering and Mutuality Area.

Our Location

Via Gemma De Bosis, 03043 Cassino (FR)

Contribution request model for modifying driving tools or adapting vehicle for disabled transport

The request for contribution, completed on the attached form and complete with the required documentation, must be delivered in original to the Protocol office of the District concerned (based on residence) or to the General Protocol of Via Armando Fabi – Frosinone.

Below are the addresses of the protocols of the Health Districts:

  • District A (Anagni, Alatri) – Anagni Hospital;
  • District B (Frosinone, Ceprano, Ceccano) – Viale Mazzini, Frosinone;
  • District C (Sora, Atina) – Via Piemonte, snc, Sora;
  • District D (Cassino, Pontecorvo) – Via Gemma De Bosis, Cassino.

It is also specified that:

  • if the request is made by the family member of the disabled person, the latter must also attach a photocopy of their (valid) identity card;
  • contributions for changes to the driving tools concern only those prescribed by the Commission for special licences and are reported on driving licences;
  • in the event that the adaptation to the guide consists of a standard device or already installed in the vehicle (e.g. automatic transmission, power steering, etc.), it must be possible to deduce from the invoice what the cost of that component is.


Cassino Office

  • Address: Via De Bosis – 03043 Cassino;
  • Telephone: 0775.8821 – 5742;
  • Email:

Casa della Salute in Pontecorvo

Manager: Dr. Antonella Merolle

  • Address: Via San Giovanni Battista, 1 – 03037 Pontecorvo;
  • Telephone: 0776.7693031;
  • Email:

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