Pharmaceutical Assistance

What is Pharmaceutical Assistance?

  • Pharmaceutical Assistance proper, which includes drugs intended as medicinal specialties and some infusion solutions.
  • Supplementary Assistance, which concerns medical material other than medicines, medical devices, dietary products intended for a particular diet (only granted to patients belonging to certain social categories and/or suffering from chronic and disabling disease forms).

How to get Pharmaceutical Assistance?

The granting of drugs to patients takes place through the issuance, by the GP/PLS or other authorised Healthcare Professional, of a standardised prescription for optical reading by the Lazio Region and in compliance with the list of prescribable pharmaceutical specialities, included in the National Therapeutic Handbook. The medicinal products listed are currently divided into two eligibility bands A and C:

  • band A: fully charged to the National Health Service (some drugs of band A included in the PHT and Liquid Oxygen are fully charged to the SSN only if dispensed by the SS Pharmacy District B);
  • band C: at the total expense of the user (with the exception of the beneficiaries referred to in Law 203/00)

Where is Pharmaceutical Assistance required?

  • Public and private affiliated pharmacies (see list)
  • Company U.S.L. (for authorizations/distribution) – S.S. Pharmacy District – Via A. Fabi Tel. 0775-8821 (Switchboard ASL Frosinone).

When do you request Pharmaceutical Assistance?

  • From Monday to Saturday (Affiliated pharmacies) at 08:30/12:30 – 16:30/20:00
  • From Monday to Friday (U.S.L. Company) hours 08:30/12:30 – 14:00/15:00

On public holidays, an affiliated pharmacy is always open. The indication of the opening and availability shifts are posted on the appropriate bulletin board located outside each pharmacy.

What’s the cost?

There is a complex system of cost-sharing. For all medicines with patent still in force or in any case not included in the list of packages with reference price, the following shares are in force:

Non-exempt caregivers

  • € 4.00 for drugs with A retail price GREATER THAN € 5.00
  • € 2.50 for drugs with a retail price LESS THAN or EQUAL to € 5.00

Patients exempt due to pathology

  • € 2.00 for drugs with A retail price GREATER THAN € 5.00
  • € 1.00 for drugs with a retail price LESS THAN or EQUAL to € 5.00

For medicinal products whose active ingredient is not covered by a patent and which have a generic equivalent listed in the transparency list, the payment of any difference with the reference price is due.

Last Updated: 22/03/2022

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