UOC Nephrology and Dialysis Alatri-Anagni-Frosinone

The UOC Nephrology and Dialysis Alatri-Anagni-Frosinone is a Complex Structure within the Hospital Department.

The UOC Nephrology and Dialysis responds to the needs of patients and the health expectations of citizens, ensures prevention and treatment interventions, eliminating cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic barriers.

The primary objective is to create a strategic plan of intercommunication with the different territorial structures to guarantee a continuum of care such as to raise the quality of life of patients.

Our service is aimed at an adult population.

Services/Activities provided

Extracorporeal dialysis

The extracorporeal dialysis service has 16 beds divided as follows:

  • 13 places for outpatient chronicles;
  • 2 seats for HBSAG;
  • 1 place for isolation;
  • 3 places for treble

The outpatient dialysis shifts start at 08.00 and 13.30 respectively from Monday to Saturday.

There is a 24-HOUR emergency dialysis SERVICE. The OU is equipped with changing rooms and toilets for patients. During the dialysis session a small breakfast is served, the rooms are equipped with a TV.

Blood chemistry and instrumental checks are carried out at the centre according to a scheduled schedule. Dialysis users benefit from the transport service from the home to the dialysis centre at the total expense of the company to be activated at the front office.

Hemodialysis treatments for hospitalized patients are carried out in a suitable separate environment.

Hemodialysis treatments for critically ill patients admitted to Intensive Care are performed directly at the patient’s bedside.

Nephrology Department

The Nephrology department uses 6 places for 24-HOUR hospitalization and 3 places for acute (emergency dialysis). It is accessed through ordinary admission of the HCP.


  • a service for the diagnosis and treatment of nephrological diseases;
  • clinical support in the course of chronic renal failure and related diseases;
  • path of information to the patient on the dialysis choice

Visiting hours for relatives are from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm and from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

Packaging of vascular accesses for hemodialysis performed:

  • FAV;
  • Temporary CVCs;
  • Permanent CVCs

Peritoneal Dialysis Service

The Peritoneal Dialysis service uses 2 beds. Peritoneal Dialysis is a dialysis technique performed by the patient or family member at home, after a period of training. The necessary material for the therapy is borne by the centre.

Periodically, the patient performs clinical examinations and a specialist visit to the OU.

The UOC performs therapeutic plasmapheresis treatments for hospitalized patients.

Outpatient activity

Access to the clinic is by CUP reservation on the prescription of the family doctor or specialist, respecting the prescribing priorities.

The clinic is open to users from Monday to Friday as follows:

  • Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Friday nephrological surgery from 09.00 to 13.00;
  • Tuesday ultrasound surgery from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm;
  • Thursday clinic dedicated to ascertaining the suitability for kidney transplantation and control of patients with transplantation;
  • from Monday to Saturday EGA Service without reservation from 08.00 to 13.00;
  • Intramoenia Free Professional Activity through CUP specifying the name of the doctor from whom you want to be followed;
  • The user is provided with brochures concerning: pathology, nutrition, dialysis methods, etc.


Responsible Managers

UOC Director: Dr. Franco Bondatti

  • Dr. Francesca Apponi
  • Dr. Moreno Bartolomucci
  • Dr. Carlo Felice
  • Dr. Federica Fiacco
  • Dr. Guido Russo
  • Dr. Antonella Orossi
  • Dr. Gabriella Pace
  • Nurses: 28;
  • Auxiliary: 5


Manager: Dr. Franco Bondatti

Nursing Coordinator: Cinzia Bracaglia

Frosinone Site Dialysis

  • UOC Nephrology and Emergency Dialysis Address: Via A. Fabi, Fabrizio Spaziani Hospital, 3rd Floor – 03100 Frosinone
  • Dialysis Address for Chronic Care and Outpatient Service: Via A. Fabi, Palazzina Q, IV^ Piano – 03100 Frosinone
  • Telephone and Fax: 0775.898400 / extension tel. 2025 – 2219 – 2220 – 2223 – 2224 – 2225 – 2272 – 2273 – 2276
  • Switchboard: 0775.18831
  • Email: dialisi.hfr@aslfrosinone.it

Last Updated: 01/04/2022

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