UOC Medical Directorate Cassino hospital garrison

  • Director: Dr. Mario Fabi
  • Contributors: Dr. G.B. Soave and Dr. D. Taglienti
  • Secretariat: Dr. D. DI Ruzza – Mrs. A. Di Nardi – Mr. G. Iacomini

The Medical Directorate of the “Santa Scolastica” Hospital in Cassino is responsible for organising the Cassino Hospital, guaranteeing the hygiene and safety of the services provided to the citizen, promoting the quality and efficiency of health services.

The DMPO consists of:

  • Medical Director of the Presidium, a doctor specialising in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, with specific training in the organisation of health services and health management, who directs the Presidium of Cassino, for hygienic-sanitary and organisational purposes;
  • administrative staff, responsible for the secretarial functions of the multiple lines of activities in place in the various administrative and health sectors of the UU.OO./hospital services, reception and constant support to employees and non-employees;
  • a staff of medical personnel (specialists in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, with training aimed at management, health organization and with Bed Management functions;);
  • nursing staff of the Health Professions Service, which assists the DMPO for the organizational, epidemiological and prevention of hospital infections;
  • a social worker, who works in coordination with colleagues in the area and external structures.

The Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr. Mario FABI, who can be contacted on tel. +39 0776 3929400, is responsible for:

  • promote the functionality of the Company’s Presidiums, ensuring the organisation of all existing health activities, with homogeneity of routes, purposes and operating procedures;
  • facilitate relations between healthcare operating units and technical and administrative sectors of the Company;
  • collaborate with health departments in order to optimise care activities to the benefit of the quality and timeliness of the care provided to the patient;
  • conduct UU.OO surveillance./Health services for hygienic purposes and to promote the control of hospital infections;
  • develop quality improvement and staff training programmes.

Services/Activities provided:

The Directorate of the Hospital of Cassino is organized operationally in the following lines of activities:

Hospital hygiene management:

  • surveillance of hospital infections and infection outbreaks, in collaboration with the company ICA Committee (Care-Related Infections);
  • supervision of the sterilization processes at the Operating Block;
  • supervision of the contracted cleaning/sanitation, pest control and eradication service;
  • supervision of the contracted service of theAuxiliary;
  • supervision of the contracted service of laundry and distribution of flat linen, personnel uniforms and technical fabrics of the operating room;
  • supervision of the contracted catering service, assisted by the Dietician, Dr. Testa Silvia;
  • supervision of the management of the Mortuary and Necroscopic Service;
  • hospital waste management and related loading-unloading registers;

Management of medical personnel in collaboration with the Medical Directors of the UU.OO. and collaboration with the Health Professions Service for the organization of the remaining personnel:

  • assessment of the healthcare needs and commitment of medical personnel;
  • reception and storage of monthly watch and PD shifts;
  • supervision of aspects of health surveillance and radiation protection in collaboration with the Competent Physician, the Qualified Expert and the Authorised Physician;

Coordination of hospital activities:

  • coordination of the procedures for admission in election and urgency (Bed Management activities);
  • management of ordinary and daytime hospital beds, with authorisation for any temporary closure of pp.ll. for contingent reasons (structural work, plant or care problems, need to adopt isolation for infectious diseases, etc.);
  • monitoring of waiting lists for ordinary and day hospitalization;
  • liaison between company OUs and external health facilities for the research of services required by specialist doctors and not available in the Company to be provided to patients admitted to the company Headquarters and reception instead of requests for services to be provided in the Company to patients admitted to other health facilities who request it;
  • optimisation of the activity of the centralised pre-hospitalisation services, surgical activities, day surgery and week surgery, in collaboration with the managers of the relevant company structures in charge;
  • definition and authorisation for the modification of the intended use of health environments, with approval of proposals for structural changes made by the OUs

Documentation and user paths:

  • issuance of health certificates (birth certificates, inpatient certificates and emergency room);
  • medical records (centralized archiving; duplicate request and release to the user);
  • forwarding of mandatory complaints to the competent bodies;
  • authorisation to print company models and letterhead and stamps that comply with the existing company organisation;
  • procedures related to the request for health documentation by external authorities entitled to copy or original;
  • authorization for the export of umbilical cord blood samples for autologous use for the storage of the same to be used in cases of genetically determined diseases for which the use of stem cells is indicated.

Management of user complaints, in collaboration with the URP, with internal investigation of the critical issues highlighted and, where possible, promotion of consequent organisational changes for the optimisation of services

Social service management:

  • patient and family care for continuity of care and long-term post-rehabilitation pathways, RSA, home care, hospice, rehabilitation;
  • procedures for the custody of children admitted to the Paediatrics/Nursery

Bed Management:

  • favors methods of resignation functional to the needs of the PS/DEA;
  • facilitates the reduction of hospitalizations and hospitalization time with the Managers of the instrumental diagnostics services and with the consultants;
  • informs the ARES 118 operations centre of any overcrowding of the PS;
  • facilitates the intra-hospital and extra-hospital transport of patients;
  • identifies and manages, in collaboration with the Social Welfare Service, situations at greater risk of discharge difficulties.

The activities of interest of the Medical Staff are the following:

  • receipt of requests and related feedback or reception and accompaniment of inspections of the bodies in charge (judiciary, NAS, NOE, Public Hygiene, ARPA etc.);
  • interviews with users and/or employees in order to acquire the criticality exposed and intervene for its resolution, giving, where possible, immediate feedback to the applicant;
  • resolution of emerging issues regarding the activities of the operator blocks and pre-hospitalisation;
  • resolution of emerging problems regarding patient transfers, beds in TI, closure of election acceptances requested by the DEA Director due to overcrowding of the Emergency Department;
  • daily verification of open and pending cases in PS with reminder where necessary to the OUs for patient reabsorption from PS or Emergency Medicine;
  • ratification with signature of competence of the drug requests, requests for equipment in view, investigation of inpatient accidents, operational or work cases of the Medical Managers for concurrent use, issuance of certification for cord blood collection, authorization for the burial of fetuses and anatomical parts;
  • verification of the adequacy of the forms/letterhead/stamps requested by employees;
  • real-time examination of complaints of infectious diseases transmitted to the Medical Directorate with evaluation of contagiousness and isolation procedures and precautions to be taken;
  • sending the epidemiological investigation to the SISP;
  • review of the mail sent every day with feedback and consequent initiatives that need to be activated.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm


  • Admin Collaborator – Di Ruzza Daniela
  • Adjunct Admin. – By Nardi Angela

Hospital Information Systems Office (SIO-SIES-SIAS):

  • CPS-Nurse – Dr Giancarlo Lanni

Transfer and ambulance management office:

  • Ms Pontone Silvana

The Coordination of the Nursing Office of the Hospital is composed of Dr. Di Prete Domenica and Dr. Migliorelli Fabio, assisted by other CPS-Nurses.

The Social Assistance Service  of the Cassino Hospital is made up of an operator, Dr. Simeone Maurizio.

Reception hours: Monday to Saturday from 08.30 to 13.30

The Social Assistant provides all useful support to hospitalized patients and their families for social problems of various kinds in connection with the social structures of the Municipality, the local health authorities to which they belong, the Juvenile Court etc., taking care in particular:

  • procedures for the custody of minors;
  • practices to request the transfer of the patient at the end of the cycle of acute care

Medical Records Archive (with digitized CC)

The Medical Records Archive Office is located on the 1st floor of the PO, adjacent to the DMPO.

The desk for the release of Medical Records and health documentation is located on the ground floor, adjacent to the ReCUP desks.

How to request the Medical Record

The Medical Record can be requested in person or by a delegate at the dedicated desk (ReCUP Area), ground floor of the PO of Cassino.

Opening hours to the public:

  • from Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 13.30;
  • Wednesday from 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm;
  • Saturday from 09.00 to 11.30;

The telephone number of the counter is as follows: 0776 3929282.

Who can request / withdraw the Medical Record

The forms for requesting health documentation and delegation/self-certification (minors, incapacitated, legitimacy, death) are available at the dedicated desk or on the page http://www.aslfrosinone.it

  • the Data Subject provided with an identity document;
  • a Delegate with a specific proxy, available online, signed by the holder of the documentation, a copy of their identity document and that of the delegator;
  • in the case of Minors or Incapacitated Persons, the Parenting Operators or Guardians (or their delegates) provided with adequate legal documentation and any delegation;
  • in the event that the Data Controller is deceased, the legitimises must provide self-certification, pursuant to art. 46 of Presidential Decree 445/00 attesting to the status of ascending or descending family member in a direct line and the testamentary heirs prove their qualification. In the event of death, those entitled must also obtain the death certificate/death self-certification.

The staff of the Medical Records Archive will contact the interested party, with his consent, at the telephone numbers provided by the same, to give information on the status of processing of the required health documentation.

Delivery Times

The medical record is available at variable times depending on the type of hospitalization carried out:

  • Ordinary Hospital/Week Surgery: within 7 (seven) days from the submission of the request by the interested parties entitled, in accordance with the regulations on access to administrative documents and the provisions of the code on the protection of personal data, referred to in Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003, provides the available health documentation relating to the patient, preferably in electronic format; any additions are provided, in any case, within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days from the submission of the aforementioned request.
  • Day Surgery: the medical record can only be requested at the last access and can only be closed after 30 days from the last access
  • Day Hospital: the care path consists of one or more accesses and the folder must only be requested at the end of the last one. If the patient needs information relating to individual access, he/she may contact the medical contact person of the Operating Unit to receive a health report. It can only be closed after 30 days from the conclusion of the diagnostic-therapeutic process
  • Emergency room: the medical record is available after 10 working days from the request.


To receive a copy of the Paper Medical Record, the fee is €10.33 for the first 20 sheets. An additional 10 cents per sheet for the following ones.

Request for Home Health Documentation

To request the home delivery on national territory of the hard copy of the medical record, you must fill in and send the request form attaching the payment receipt. The fee includes the cost of copying the medical record equal to 10.33 euros for the first 20 sheets and a supplement of 10 cents per sheet for the following ones. It will be the responsibility of the staff of the Medical Records Archive to communicate the possible payment of the supplement for sheets exceeding 20. The shipping rates are as follows: €7.50 per shipment by registered mail with delivery within 3 working days of shipment.

The delivery of the aforementioned health documentation will take place according to the confidentiality requirements guaranteed by the Postal Code, which provides for the delivery of the Registered Mail also to a person other than the recipient present at home (e.g. family member, cohabitant, doorman of the building, etc.).

To request the CD containing the images of the diagnostic tests carried out during hospitalization (CT, MRI, PET-CT, X-ray, MAMMOGRAMS), contact the Radiology Unit, on the 2nd floor of the P.O.

The fee is €10.00 for each CD.

Opening hours to the public:

Monday to Saturday from 08.00 to 14.00.


The activity of the Operating Unit has been consolidated to ensure a continuous and adequate specialist competence to the requests coming from outside and inside the Company. It is therefore addressed to all the staff of the Presidium’s UUOO and to the entire population that presents problems related to welfare and bureaucratic needs.

Login Mode

Access to the services of the Health Directorate takes place in the following ways:

  • to represent urgent problems, you must contact one of the doctors on duty or one of the Nursing Managers on duty, through the secretariat during working hours 08.00 – 14.00 in which the presence on duty of at least one doctor is guaranteed;


UOC Health Directorate Hospital of Cassino

  • Address: Via San Pasquale snc., on the 1st floor – 03043 Cassino
  • Director Phone: 0776 3929400
  • Deputy Directors Telephone: 0776 3929401 – 2382
  • Telephone Secretariat: 0776 3929399-97
  • Email : dmpo.cassino@aslfrosinone.it
  • Certified email: ospitalecassino@pec.aslfrosinone.it

Our Location

  • Located at the Hospital of Cassino, in San Pasquale snc., on the 1st floor of the P.O.

Last Updated: 23/01/2023

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