Committees and Committees

The Company Act provides for the establishment of the following Collegiate Bodies, governed by current legislation:

  1. Single Committee for Equal Opportunities, the enhancement of the well-being of those who work and against CUG discrimination; Deliberative Act no. 801 of 17 June 2014;
  2. Intercompany Ethics Committee; Deed of Resolution no. 35 of 15 January 2014;
  3. Commission for the Therapeutic Record; Deliberative Act no. 580 of 14 May 2014 – Deliberative Act 1114 of 22 August 2014;
  4. Committee for the Good Use of Blood; Deliberative Act no. 925 of 8 July 2014;
  5. Committee for the Control of Infections Related to CICA Assistance; Deliberative Act no. 573 of 9 May 2014;
  6. Committee for the Painless Hospital; Deliberative Act no. 16 of 11 January 2012;
  7. District commission for the prescribing appropriateness of medical devices, drugs and diagnostics, whose role must be strengthened with more incisive monitoring tools capable of providing the prescribing physician with information in real time, moving from cost-based appropriateness to clinical appropriateness; Deliberative Act no. 556 of 30 April 2014;
  8. Claims Assessment Committee; Deed of Resolution no. 695 of 23 May 2014;
  9. Committee for the Control of the Authorization and Accreditation Requirements of Accredited Private Structures; Deliberative Act no. 483 of 6 June 2013 and Deliberative Act no. 1291 of 13 October 2014;
  10. ASL Frosinone Scientific Committee; Deliberative Deed no. 1122 of 26 August 2014;
  11. Non-fungibility Commission; Deliberative Deed no. 9 of 4 January 2013;
  12. Company commission for the Medical Devices Directory; Deliberative Deed no. 594 of 8 July 2013 and Deliberative Deed no. 96 of 3 February 2015;
  13. Zonal Advisory Committee; Deliberative Deed no. 575 of 29 April 2016;
  14. Joint Commission for Intramoenia; Deliberative Act no. 1124 of 1 September 2016.

The General Manager, taking into account the specific needs of the Company, may provide for the establishment of additional Committees or Commissions, even if not regulated by current legislation, in order to ensure that issues of corporate importance are addressed in a coordinated and synergistic manner, provided that this does not entail additional charges to be borne by the Company’s budget.

The Regulations of the Committees and Commissions will be, if already issued, updated according to the indications of this Act in the 60 days following the approval by the Lazio Region.

Last Updated: 04/04/2024

Pubblicato il: 02/03/2022

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