UOC Addictions and Psychopathologies in the Prison Circuit

The UOC Addictions and Psychopathologies in the Prison Circuit is a complex structure belonging to the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Pathologies.

In the territory of ASL Frosinone there are three different penitentiary institutions: Casa Circondariale di Frosinone, Casa Circondariale di Cassino and Casa di Reclusione di Paliano. The prison population amounts to about a thousand units, with an annual transit of about 1500 subjects. The clinical conditions of detainees are on average more critical than those of the general population, especially in relation to mental disorders and substance use disorders. The high incidence of subjects with substance use disorder in the prison circuit is connected to the frequency of crimes directly and indirectly related to drug trafficking and legislation on drugs and illicit substances. The incidence of mental disorders in the prison circuit is connected both to the specific environmental determinants (high presence of adjustment disorders) and to the higher frequency of subjects with personality disorders.

Collaborates, for a common management of patients’ health, with the company score dedicated to penitentiary medicine (basic and specialized medicine, continuity of care, nursing care).

The UOC Addictions and Psychopathologies in the Penitentiary Circuit operates independently but in conjunction with the Directorates and staff of Penitentiary Institutions (Educators and Penitentiary Police) to promote the rehabilitation dimension of time and space of the penalty and to act not only in favor of individual detained patients, but also in the context of the deprivation of personal liberty. A constant collaboration with the Institutions of Justice, including the Magistrature of Surveillance and UEPE, is also guaranteed.

Objectives of the UOC:

  • guarantee health and social health care to prisoners with disorders related to the use of substances and/or with psychopathology;
  • promote action to prevent self-harm and suicide and to reduce the risks and damage associated with the use of substances;
  • promote processes of individual change and empowerment in collaboration and integration with the Educational and Treatment area of Penitentiary Institutions;
  • promote social reintegration in connection with the territorial services of origin and with the External Criminal Enforcement Office;
  • guarantee full access to alternative measures to detention for health reasons, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation.

The UOC has defined the processes of reporting, reception, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and discharge through the sharing of a specific PDTA (Therapeutic Diagnostic Pathway).

Service Offer

  • Prevention and screening actions;
  • Assessment of the psychic state and risks of subjects entering from freedom
  • Reception of subjects reported by basic medicine (and by incoming screening) for evaluation in the field of risk of menal disorder, self-heterolesive risk, risk of substance use disorder;
  • Multidisciplinary diagnosis;
  • Connection and connection with the territorial services (CSM and SerD) of residence of the subjects;
  • Definition and implementation of the Treatment Plan which includes:
    • consultation and medical advice for substance use disorders and any drug therapy;
    • prescription of any investigations;
    • psychiatric examination and possible psychopharmacological therapy;
    • nursing care and advice;
    • examinations of urinary metabolites for psychotropic substances;
    • interview, counselling and individual and group psychological therapy;
    • interview and social counselling:
    • certification of substance use disorder and, where appropriate, identification and implementation of alternative treatment to detention.
  • Taking charge and monitoring of treatments as an alternative to detention, assessed as suitable and carried out at accredited facilities.


Recipients are detained with and/or with psychopathology. The service is also aimed at individuals serving out-of-prison sentences (probation, arrests and house arrest, alternative measures, etc.).

Specific targets are:

  • Substances with substance use disorder or with addictions without substance;
  • Subjects with chronic or transient psychopathologies;
  • Subjects at risk of self-injurious and/or suicidal behaviour;
  • Abusers, sex offenders.

How to access

Upon entering the Institute, (screening) or when necessary, the Primary Health Care Physician (Doctor in charge, On-call Physician) reports on a special register to the Addiction or Mental Health teams the cases for which you see elements of risk and/or pathology.

The individual patient may also request directly to the ASB Physician to be reported for specific care for the use of substances and/or psychopathology.

  • for Addictive Disorders: within 48 hours of reporting the detainee is called for a first visit by the team doctor and in the following weeks for interviews by the Psychologist and the Social Worker;
  • for Mental Health: within 48 hours of the report (Frosinone) and in any case within a week (Cassino, Paliano) the Psychologist or Psychiatrist calls the detainee for the first visit and interview.

Opening hours

  • District House of Frosinone:
    • addiction team: from Monday to Saturday from 09.00 to 14.00;
    • mental Health team: from Tuesday to Saturday (psychiatrist 4 times a week, psychologist 3 times a week);
  • District House of Cassino:
    • addiction team: from Monday to Saturday from 09.00 to 13.00 (with one or more professional figures);
    • mental Health team: from Monday to Friday (psychiatrist two/three times a week, psychologist every day);
  • Casa Reclusione di Paliano:
    • dependency team: present on request;
    • mental Health team: both the psychiatrist and the psychologist are present weekly; in case of need access on motivated request.


Manager: Dr. Adele Di Stefano

Frosinone Headquarters

  • Address: Via A. Fabi, Palazzina P – 03100 Frosinone
  • Phone: 0775.8822134
  • Fax: 0775.8822350
  • Email: dsmpd.carcere@aslfrosinone.it

Casa Circondariale Frosinone

Manager: Dr. Adele Di Stefano

Frosinone Headquarters

  • Address: Via Cerreto, 55 – 03100 Frosinone
  • Phone: 0775.8822134
  • Fax: 0775.8822350
  • Email: dsmpd.carcere@aslfrosinone.it

Cassino District House

Manager: Dr. Alessandro Ricci

Cassino Office

  • Address: Via Sferracavalli, 3 – 03043 Cassino (FR)
  • Phone: 0775.8822134
  • Fax: 0775.8822350
  • Email: dsmpd.carcere@aslfrosinone.it

Paliano District House

Manager: Dr. Adele Di Stefano

Paliano Headquarters

  • Address: Via Garibaldi, 6 – 03018 Paliano (FR)
  • Phone: 0775.8822134
  • Fax: 0775.8822350
  • Email: dsmpd.carcere@aslfrosinone.it

Last Updated: 01/04/2022

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