UOSD Urological Endoscopy

The Simple Departmental Unit of Urology consists of four medical units (3 of role) and a nursing unit. The unit carries out out outpatient activities (including instrumental ones), consultancy for hospital wards as well as for the emergency room and finally carries out surgical activities under a day-surgery regime.

The Structure deals with oncological and non-oncological urological pathologies, as well as urinary calculus (cervical-urethral obstructions, prostatitis, cystitis, orchiepididymitis, twisting of the spermatic cord, renal and ureteral calculus, neoplasms of the urinary system and male genitalia), with an eye particularly attentive to:

  • oncological prevention (e.g. PSA monitoring);
  • prevention of adverse events in the field of cervico-urethral obstruction;
  • prevention of inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system

Services/Activities provided

The activities provided are outpatient (visits, post-operative checks, consultations for inpatient and emergency departments, as well as instrumental activities such as ultrasounds of the urinary system, cystoscopies and uroflowmetry). These activities are carried out every morning. Finally, both open and endoscopic surgical activity in a day-surgery regime.


The recipients of the aforementioned activities are both male and female subjects of all ages; predominantly and numerically, male subjects are more represented.

How to access

The access methods for outpatient activities are through CUP reservations. With regard to the consultations of both the wards and the emergency room, the request for service is direct, while the patients to undergo surgery are included in the Ariadne System.

Hours and days of receipt

The days of receipt for each service, with the relative times, are shown below:

  • departmental and PS consultancy: every day from Monday to Saturday (08.00 – 14.30);
  • clinic: Tuesday (urology visits and endoscopic urology 09.00 – 13.30 ) and Friday (urology visits 09.00 – 13.30);
  • uroflowmetry: Wednesday (08.30 – 13.30);
  • cystoscopies: Wednesday (09.00- 13.00);
  • trans-rectal prostatic ultrasounds: Thursday (09.00 – 13.00), as well as ultrasounds of the urinary system during the activity of the Endoscopic Urology clinic.


Manager: Dr. Tommaso Trementozzi

Cassino Office

  • Address: Ospedale Santa Scolastica, Via San Pasquale – 03043 Cassino (FR)
  • Surgical activity (multidisciplinary day surgery): Santa Scolastica Hospital, Via San Pasquale I° Piano – 03043 Cassino (FR)
  • Outpatient and consultancy activities: Santa Scolastica Hospital, Via San Pasquale Poliambulatori II° Piano – 03043 Cassino (FR)
  • Surgical Activity Phone: 0776.3929411
  • Outpatient telephone number: 0776.3929605
  • Email: urologia.polod@aslfrosinone.it

Last Updated: 04/04/2022

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