UOC Residentiality and Semi-Residentiality

The UOC Residentiality and Semi-Residentiality is a Complex Structure within the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Pathologies, with the task of ensuring the clinical and technical management of residential and semi-residential health facilities and shared apartments of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Pathologies.


The recipients of the Residentiality and Semi-Residentiality UOC are users in care in residential and semi-residential structures and in shared apartments.

Services/Activities provided

The services provided by the Residentiality and Semi-Residentiality UOC are as follows:

  • ensure the best use in a coordinated and integrated manner of the resources allocated;
  • promote the personalization and humanization of interventions;
  • develop shared operational protocols and guidelines;
  • ensure concrete actions to achieve better levels of appropriateness;
  • implement actions for the co-design of social-health care paths with the third sector, voluntary associations and local authorities, aimed at promoting the permanence of discharged users in their family, social and living environment;
  • develop systems of valid indicators for the evaluation and verification of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the services provided and the level of effectiveness of the care paths and the efficiency of the different operating units.

How to access

The Residentiality and Semi-Residentiality UOC is accessed upon submission by the user’s Mental Health Centre of reference, upon certification of the suitability of the rehabilitation project drawn up issued by the Evaluation Unit of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Diseases.

Opening hours to the public

The opening hours to the public are Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm.


  • Director: Dr. Filippo Morabito
  • Frosinone branch:
    • Address: Via Fabi, snc, Palazzina M – 03100 Frosinone
    • Phone: 0775.8822189
    • Fax: 0775.8822362
    • Email: residenzialita @aslfrosinone.it

Last Updated: 01/04/2022

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