Prevention Department

The Prevention Department is a structure of the ASL that guarantees the protection of collective health, pursuing objectives of health promotion, prevention of diseases and disabilities, improvement of the quality of life, through actions aimed at identifying and removing the causes of environmental, human and animal harm and disease.

The Prevention Department is a Structural Department with technical-management, organisational and accounting autonomy and is organised into cost and responsibility centres hierarchically dependent on the Department Director.

The Prevention Department promotes initiatives coordinated with the District, with the other Departments of the Local Health Authority.

The Prevention Department guarantees the following functions of collective prevention and public health:

  • the prophylaxis of infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • the protection of the community and individuals from the health risks of living environments, also with reference to the health effects of environmental pollution;
  • the protection of the community and individuals from accident and health risks related to the workplace;
  • veterinary public health, which includes epidemiological surveillance of animal populations and prophylaxis of infectious and parasitic diseases, animal pharmacovigilance, hygiene of livestock production, hygienic-sanitary protection of food of animal origin;
  • hygienic-sanitary protection of food;
  • nutritional surveillance and prevention;
  • prevention activities aimed at the person, such as mandatory and recommended vaccinations as well as early detection programmes;
  • health protection (cancer screening). In particular, in line with regional provisions, screening functions will pass through and must be guaranteed within the Prevention Department, for which a specific Simple Structure will be provided, through the activation of specific programs, which constitute Essential Levels of Assistance (ELA), to be addressed to the entire target population;
  • the verification and hygienic-sanitary supervision of health facilities, also for authorisation purposes.

The Prevention Department also contributes to the promotion of health and chronic-degenerative diseases, taking care in particular of the implementation of the Regional Prevention Plan, in collaboration with the other company services and departments, according to the regulations that will be defined with a specific act.

Finally, the Prevention Department takes care of the development of sports medicine activities, implementing collaboration and health education systems at the headquarters of sports centres.

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