Deliver the biological material

Each sample must be accompanied by a specific request relating to the type of examination and stored appropriately, that is, in the appropriate containers. For external user access to all the services provided by the Pathological Anatomy, the user will be informed in advance by the secretarial staff on how to perform the examination.

You can choose from the following options:

  • going to your doctor who will prescribe the analyses on the National Health Service (NHS) form – white demanding. In this case, the user is required, if due, to pay the ticket;
  • directly requesting benefits from the Pathological Anatomy of Frosinone by submitting the request completed on letterhead by the specialist doctor. In this case, the user must bear the entire cost of the investigations as per the regional tariff or under a professional regime (see the list of services and related costs displayed at the Structure’s secretariat).

Last Updated: 04/04/2022

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