Waiting Lists

The waiting time detection system (TDA) monitors the percentages of outpatient services booked within the standard regional times every week.
Monitoring is carried out only on the first access services.
The following are not included in the monitoring:

• control visits,
• the services included in the screening programmes,
• freelance services.

Description of the monitoring system

For each service, the waiting times communicated to the citizen at the time of booking are recorded.
The wait time monitored is that, called “ex ante”, proposed to the user at the time of the reservation itself.
The wait time is calculated in days and consists of the time interval between the date of the user’s contact with the booking system and the date of the assigned appointment (therefore, it corresponds to the expected wait).
If the citizen, by his choice, does not accept the date of first availability that is proposed to him, the reservation is not considered in the monitoring.
For effective management of the ever-increasing demand for care, the National Health System has adopted a system based on clinical priorities that, indicated by the doctor in the challenge, allow health care to be guaranteed in consideration of urgency. To this end, the compilation of the “Priority class” field was made compulsory for first access services.

The Regional Waiting List Governance Plan (PRGLA) lists the priority classes used for outpatient specialist services, which indicate the maximum times in which a service must be provided:

• U = urgent – to be delivered within 72 hours;
• B = short –
to be delivered within 10 days;
• D = deferrable –
to be paid within 30 days for visits and within 60 days for instrumental services;
• P = programmable –
to be delivered within 120 days.

The guarantee of the maximum time in which a service must be provided is linked to the territorial scope, defined according to the residence of the citizen and the type of service requested. The guarantee expires if the citizen, by choice, does not accept the first availability offered in their territory and freely chooses to book the service at a facility other than that of the first availability. In this case, the reservation is not considered in the monitoring.

In implementation of the Regional Implementation Plan for Waiting Lists, the ASL of Frosinone has prepared the Business Implementation Plan for Waiting Lists 2023-2025. The aforementioned Plan identifies the territorial areas of guarantee (ATG) identified according to the type of service.

The areas are:

district, for low and medium complex performance
company (at the level of Hospital), for medium and high complexity services
supranational or regional, for high and very high speciality services.

To learn more:

• List of first access services monitored with the relevant territorial areas of guarantee proposed by the Regional Plan (ATG);
• The ATGs identified by the Business Implementation Plan of the 2023-2025 Waiting Lists.

ASL also guarantees protection pathways in accordance with current legislation to ensure users have access to services in compliance with the timeframes indicated by the priority classes reported by the prescribing physician.

To learn more:

Pathways to protection

The ASL is also strengthening the methods of monitoring waiting times in line with the regional indications on the subject and in synergy with the other health facilities in the territory, in compliance with the transparency obligations provided for by Legislative Decree 33/2013 and subsequent amendments.

Monitoring of waiting times for outpatient specialist services
Monitoring of waiting times for hospitalization activities

The ASL also participates in regional projects for the reduction of waiting lists.
To learn more:
Waiting lists: here are the additional services to break them down

The reservation of health services can be made:

  1. Calling the number 069939 to book visits, diagnostic and specialist examinations in the various Hospitals and outpatient clinics of the ASL of Rome and Lazio. The service is active from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm and on Saturdays from 7.30 am to 1.00 pm.
  2. Through the online health services booking system – RECUP – Book smart
  3. Filling out the form available on the following page to be contacted by the telephone operator and request or move your reservations
  4. Using the FARMAReCUP system
    Useful links
    ReCUP – Reservation of health services

National Waiting List Governance Plan (PNGLA) for the three-year period 2019-2021;
Regional plan for the government of the Waiting Lists 2019-2021 – Decree of the Commissioner in Minutes 25 July 2019, no. U00302;
RAO Manual – Agenas
Monitoring of waiting times for services provided in intramural freelance activities

Waiting Lists for ASL
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