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Report/Poster of Convention/Congress Act

Gastrointestinal functional disorders in the patient with epilepsy

Authors: F. Ivorio, L.M. Basili, E., M. Albini, E. Cerulli Irelli, M. Fanella, A. Morano, S. Casciato, J. Fattouch, A.T. Giallonardo, C. Di Bonaventura

Date: 2018

Scope of interest: Epilepsy

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Report/Poster of Convention/Congress Act

Super-refractory state and new frontiers in epilepsy therapy

Authors: M. Fanella

Date: 2022

Scope of interest: Epilepsy/emergencies in neurology

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Magazine 2.07

Extracorporeal photochemotherapy in steroid refractory graft-versus-host disease: experience of Policlinico Tor Vergata”

Authors: Fiorelli E., Lanti A., Ferraro A.S., Basso L., Del Proposto G., Docimo F., Bonchi C., Guiducci G., Massarelli R., Pattofatto F., Ippolito M., Insalaco D., De Masi A., Messina F., Adorno G.

Date: 2014

Scope of interest: Clinical pathology

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Magazine 7.4

Erratum to: Management of HCV infection in the penitentiary setting in the direct-acting antivirals era: practical recommendations from an expert panel.

Authors: ranieri r et al

Date: Apr 17, 2023

Scope of interest: infectious diseases/penitentiary health

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