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Magazine 3.01

Targeting inflammation to slow or delay functional decline: where are we?

Authors: Corsonello A, Garasto S, Abbatecola AM, Rose G, Passarino G, Mazzei B, Pranno L, Guffanti EE, Bustacchini S, Lattanzio F

Date: 2010

Scope of interest: biogerontology

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Magazine 3,804

Mediterranean diet and mobility decline in older persons.

Authors: Milaneschi Y, Bandinelli S, Corsi AM, Lauretani F, Paolisso G, Dominguez LJ, Semba RD, Tanaka T, Abbatecola AM, Talegawkar SA, Guralnik JM, Ferrucci L.

Date: 2010

Scope of interest: ageing, geriatrics

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Magazine 3,642

Body composition markers in older persons with COPD.

Authors: Abbatecola AM, Fumagalli A, Spazzafumo L, Betti V, Misuraca C, Corsonello A, Cherubini A, Guffanti EE, Lattanzio F

Date: 2014

Scope of interest: ageing

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Magazine 2,646

Antidiabetic oral treatment in older people: does frailty matter?

Authors: Abbatecola AM, Paolisso G, Corsonello A, Bustacchini S, Lattanzio F

Date: 2009

Scope of interest: pharmacology, ageing

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