UOSD Diagnostic Therapeutic Care Pathways (PDTA)

The UOSD PDTA  is a Simple Departmental Structure functionally related to the Department of Primary Care and Intermediate Care, established by Resolution no. 813 of 30 November 2021 “Company Deed of ASL Frosinone – modification of the deed approved by DCA no. U00354/2017 and with determination of the Health and Social Health Integration Directorate of the Lazio Region no. G. 11595/2020”.

The Mission of the UOSD PDTA is to develop Pathways  for the diagnosis, therapy and care for various pathological conditions and  the consequent definition, formalization  and monitoring of the best care processes, homogeneous throughout the company territory, aimed at responding to specific health needs, based on current regulations, the best scientific evidence, the “best practices”, adapted to the local context, taking into account the available resources.

The choice of Pathways to be developed derives from indications of the Region – Department of Health and Social Policies, from indications of the Strategic Directorate of the ASL (for the needs of health professionals as well as patient associations if it is deemed appropriate and a priority to improve one or more treatment processes).

The Pathways are developed by interprofessional and multidisciplinary Working Groups and shared with representatives of Patient Associations.

The Working Group works by first identifying the audience of residents to whom to allocate the specific  route and collecting all the information regarding:

  • current legislation;
  • scientific evidence;
  • international and national guidelines;
  • stakeholders involved;
  • mapping of available services and resources (human and instrumental);
  • demand analysis;
  • current organisational methods;
  • any existing critical issues.

Based on the information collected, the Working Group evaluates any improvement interventions (quantitative and qualitative) to be implemented, in close liaison with the Strategic Management.

In order to monitor the different steps of the Path, the Working Group identifies and codes specific KPIs and outcome, process and performance indicators that will serve to objectively “measure” the efficiency and effectiveness of the PDTA and to highlight any need for its revision.


Dr. Pio Pellegrini


Frosinone, Health District B – Viale Mazzini snc, 3rdfloor, staircase B

Email address: pdta@aslfrosinone.it

Last Updated: 13/09/2023

Pubblicato il: 13/09/2023

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