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Magazine 5.09

Treatment with direct-acting antivirals in a multicenter cohort of HCV-infected inmates in Italy.

Authors: Pontali et al

Date: sep 2018

Scope of interest: infectious diseases/pen health

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Report/Poster of Convention/Congress Act

POSTER Lack of HIV serological diagnosis with new generation tests in an AIDS patient : whichconsequences on HIV epidemiology ?

Authors: I.Uccella1, R.Pulselli1 , I. Abbate2, C. Gori2, K. Casinelli 1, P. Fabrizi 1, C. Falco1 , G. Farinelli1 , M. Limodio1, L. Sarracino1, M. Sebastiani1 , E. Anzalone 1

Date: 2019

Scope of interest: hIV clinical research

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Magazine 4.2

Humoral immunity induced by mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in Nursing Home Residents previously infected with SARS-CoV-2. 

Authors: Fedele G, Palmieri A, Damiano C, Di Lonardo A, Leone P, Schiavoni I, Trevisan C, Abbatecola AM, Cafariello C, Malara A, Minchella P, Panduri G, Antonelli Incalzi R, Palamara AT, Stefanelli P, Onder G; GeroCovid Vax Study Group.

Date: 2022

Scope of interest: ageing, geriatrics

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Magazine 3,445

MiR-146a as a marker of senescence-associated pro-inflammatory status in cells involved in vascular remodelling

Authors: Olivieri F, Lazzarini R, Recchioni R, Marcheselli F, Rippo MR, Di Nuzzo S, Albertini MC, Graciotti L, Babini L, Mariotti S, Spada G, Abbatecola AM, Antonicelli R, Franceschi C, Procopio AD

Date: 2013

Scope of interest: gerontology, geriatrics

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