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Report/Poster of Convention/Congress Act

Study of RHD gene variants in the province of Frosinone.

Authors: D’Amico C. et al.

Date: 2017

Scope of interest: Transfusion Medicine

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Magazine 4.26

The grey zone between autoimmune encephalitis and autoimmune-associated epilepsy

Authors: Morano A, Cerulli Irelli E, Fanella M, Zuliani L, Giallonardo AT, Di Bonaventura C.

Date: 2021

Scope of interest: Epilepsy/autoimmune diseases of the CNS

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Magazine 4,902

Disentangling the Impact of Chronic Kidney Disease, Anemia, and Mobility Limitation on Mortality in Older Patients Discharged From Hospital.

Authors: Lattanzio F, Corsonello A, Montesanto A, Abbatecola AM, Lofaro D, Passarino G, Fusco S, Corica F, Pedone C, Maggio M, Volpato S, Incalzi RA

Date: 2015

Scope of interest: ageing, gerontology

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Magazine 10,170

Recurrent Ischemic Stroke and Bleeding in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation Who Suffered an Acute Stroke While on Treatment with Nonvitamin K Antagonist Oral Anticoagulants: The RENO-EXTEND Study. Aug 2022. Stroke Neurology


Date: 2022

Scope of interest: Neurology/Emergency

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