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Report/Poster of Convention/Congress Act

Programmed motor activity with cognitive stimulation and associated with cognitive stability in Alzheimer’s disease

Authors: A. Abbatecola, C. Di Meo, M. Gemmiti M. Russo

Date: 2019

Scope of interest: geriatrics

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Magazine 1,272

Glucose regulation and oxidative stress in healthy centenarians

Authors: Barbieri M, Rizzo MR, Manzella D, Grella R, Ragno E, Carbonella M, Abbatecola AM, Paolisso G

Date: 2003

Scope of interest: biogerontology

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Frequency of infections in blood donors belonging to the Policlinico Tor Vergata, Rome”.

Authors: Bonchi C., Cordero V., Messina F., Docimo F., Guiducci G., Palazzo G., De Masi A., Chiru O.M., Basso L., Rota M., Adorno G.

Date: 2014

Scope of interest: Clinical pathology

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Olfactory impairment in autoimmune encephalitis: another piece of the puzzle

Authors: Morano A, Cerulli Irelli E, Fanella M, Orlando B, Salamone EM, Tinelli E, Ruffolo G, Zuliani L, Fattouch J, Manfredi M, Giallonardo AT, Di Bonaventura C.

Date: 2022

Scope of interest: Epilepsy/autoimmune diseases of the CNS

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