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Magazine 3,235

Insulin resistance and muscle strength in older persons

Authors: Abbatecola AM, Ferrucci F, Ceda G, Russo C, Lauretani F, Bandinelli S, Barbieri M, Valenti G, Paolisso G

Date: 2005

Scope of interest: ageing, geriatrics

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Magazine 7.33

Atrial fibrillation during focal seizures: a case report and literature review.

Authors: Basili LM, Morano A, Fattouch J, Fanella M, Albini M, Ivory F, Irelli EC, Manfredi M, Urani C, Strano S, Giallonardo AT, Di Bonaventura C.

Date: 2019

Scope of interest: Epilepsy

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Magazine 0.725

Clinical and biochemical evaluation changes over aging

Authors: Abbatecola AM, Windham BG, Bandinelli S, Lauretani F, Paolisso Ferrucci L.

Date: 2005

Scope of interest: oncology

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Magazine 12.56

Neurological Sequelae in Patients with COVID-19: A Histopathological Perspective.

Authors: Fisicaro F, Di Napoli M, Liberto A, Fanella M, Di Stasio F, Pennisi M, Bella R, Lanza G, Mansueto G.

Date: 2021

Scope of interest: COVID-19 and neurological sequelae

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